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PRO account holders can now keep 100% of ad revenue from advertisements shown next to their panoramas. We will show the ads as usual but you can keep the revenue from them thanks to our ad program.

Here is how to set it up:

To manage your Ad settings, click on AdSense tab in your account settings.

You will have two options there:

Option #1: Turn off ads completely
We will not show ads on your panorama pages and profile page.

Option #2: Leave the ads on and keep 100% of revenue from them
We will show the ads next to your panoramas but you can keep all the revenue

How does it work?

– You need to have the PRO account to be able to keep the ad revenue.

– You need to sign up for AdSense and provide us with your AdSense ID. We’ll then use it to show your ads on your images.

– Please note that all changes you make to your ad settings will take a few days to propagate to the live site. This is due to various caching mechanisms we have in place on profile and panorama pages. Please allow about 1-3 days to see the changes live.

– When you set your adsense details for the first time and apply for the 100% revenue sharing, we need to manually review your account to make sure all your details are entered correctly. We can’t start showing ads using AdSense for accounts with incomplete or faulty information. Please allow about a week before we review the info and feel free to contact us with questions if it takes longer.

How much will I make?

– It depends on many things. Two important factors that influence your revenue are the amount of traffic to your panoramas and also the quality of your titles, descriptions and tags on your panos. All these factors determine how good, relevant and how expensive advertisements are shown on your pages.

Good luck and happy earning!



Hey everybody, it was great meeting you all in Palmela. Especially those of you who I’d been communicating with before. It was great to finally be able to assign your faces to your names!

In a case you already don’t know, here are some interesting links to check out:

aerial by Ignacio

facebook group photos

interactive group photos

panoramic photographers on facebook (many many photos and links here)

twitter hashtag (many links, thoughts and info from the conference)!/search/%23palmela2011

Looking forward to see you all again soon!

– Jan and Jeff

Panoramic photo by Uwe Buecher. Click the image to open the interactive version.

360 panoramas by Carlos Chegado. Follow the news and see newest photos on twitter using the #Palmela2011 hashtag.

Palmela view from the Palmela Castle Pousada. Next to the Pousada is the São Tiago Church that will host the main panoramic exhibition to be open to public on June 2, 2011 and close August 31, 2011.

The São João Theater is the main venue for the conference.

Palmela Old Town with Palmela Castle behind on the top of the hill.

The São João Theater is be the main venue during the conference. This stylish building was renovated in 2010 and has all the audiovisual facilities needed to run the conference. Additionally, the Theater Foyer also hosts one of the Panoramic Photography Exhibitions from June 3, 2011 until August 31, 2011.

Palmela Town Hall is a beautiful building making the connection between the Palmela Castle and the Palmela Old Town. The Palmela Municipality is the IVRPA key partner in building up this great Panoramic Photography event on the summer of 2011 in Palmela.

Palmela Municipal Library & Public Gallery hosts a Palmela 2011 Exhibition opening June 3, 2011 and closing August 31, 2011.