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Photo credits by luis-sanchez-davilla.

We’ve launched a new feature: Original Files Backup and Restore for PRO and higher accounts.

This allows you to retrieve your original uploaded panoramas in case you lose them. We keep secure backups for all accounts, but are only able to restore files for PRO and higher accounts due to the cost in time necessary needed to retrieve the files.

Original panorama files are the ones that you originally uploaded to 360Cities to publish your panoramas. You usually don’t need them ever again. However, if you lose your own backups, you might still want to:

  • Look at your original panoramas offline
  • Reupload them again for whatever reason
  • Use the files somewhere else

With this PRO account feature you are now covered for these situations.

To request your files to be restored go to the Backup and Restore in the Help Center.

We have launched two new features in our search function:

Newest First

The first one (and very important) is that the newest panoramas are now displayed first. That way, the search results are less static and you always see what’s new when searching for something. Your newest uploads will also get more attention this way!

Advanced Search

Our Advanced Search now allows you to do these new exciting things:

  • Search for a keyword or phrase (to search for a phrase, put your words in quotes)
  • Search for a specific tag (use @tags)
  • Search for panos made by an author (use @author or @name)
  • Any combination of above

You can find the complete guide to advanced search on the search page itself.

One really useful example of how to use advanced search: imagine you want to share a collection of panos with somebody using one link. Now you can! Just tag the panoramas in a certain way and then send a link to the search page.

For example, to send a link to all panoramas tagged underwater made by Richard Chesher, just use this link:

which is created by searching for “@tags underwater @author chesher

Happy searching!

Panoramic photo by Kristo Rihm. Click the image to open the interactive version.

Interior of an armoured military vehicle in Hiiumaa Military Museum. Visitors are allowed to enter the vehicles. The vehicle on photo was designed to hold 11 crew members.

360 panorama credits by Vasilis Triantafyllou, Gregory Panayotou, Krzysztof Jurczak and Oleg Shevchyshyn.

Panoramic photo by Arroz Marisco. Click the image to open the interactive version.

This turquoise blue lake, largest of all the glacial lagoons in the cordillera sits deep inside the valley between towering Huandoy (6395m) to the south and Aguja (5840m) to the north. There is no public transport to the area and I was lucky to have hitched a ride by a team of canoeists heading there. The almost perfect pyramidal shape mountain at the end of the lake is Pirámide de Garcilaso (5885m), with Chacraraju (6112m) sitting right next to it.

Photo credits by luis-sanchez-davilla.

Working with Wembley Stadium in London, 360 Cities and Jeffrey Martin have created the next in a growing series of live event gigapixel photos. This time it was the final concert in an 8-concert series by mega-band Take That, on July 9, seen by 85,000 delirious fans that night.

Have a look at and tag yourself or your friends if they were there. The photo went live Monday afternoon (July 11) and has already gathered 11,000 tags.

There was quite a bit of post production involved, and as before this was helped by the use of a Fujitsu Technology Solutions Celsius R670 workstations provided by our Fujitsu partners. Thanks again to them and the Wembley Stadium organization.


Panoramic photo by idVR360 Photography Services. Click the image to open the interactive version.

Sinou Kaffee Hausen is a coffee house with warm industrial atmosphere.


Photo credits by the one and only Arroz Marisco.