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360° panorama by Kobel Rudolf.
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Pathum Thani literally means the city of lotus. It has been known as a popular habitat of lotus for centuries as confirmed in a poem of famed poet Sunthornphu. In its Thanyaburi district, hundreds of lotus flowers and water lilies reveal their serene beauty and sweet scents at Thailand's first lotus museum.
360° panorama by Nikos Maretas.
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The islet of Virgin Mary is located opposite of the port of Parga. The church visible is dedicated to Virgin Mary. On this pano some wedding preparations are visible. Also one can see some wedding guests brought there by ship. Across the small bay one can see the castle towering the city of Parga.  
360° panorama by Hiroshi Tai.
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Kurobe Dam’s size puts it as a world-class arch-style overflow-type dam. And at 186 meters in height, it is the highest dam in Japan. Over 10 tons of water per second blast out of the dam’s drainage in a mist, which makes this a must-see tourism site. The close proximity of newly constructed viewing area to the outflow makes this an extremely appealing place for viewing the spectacle.
360° panorama by Andy Elliston.
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Los Roques de Garcia are a rock formation in the caldera below Mount Teide and sit at an altitude of 2200m.
360° panorama by Andre Kurenbach.
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360° panorama by Yasushi Kishimoto.
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360° panorama by Michael Maniezzo.
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Chand Baori is a famous stepwell situated in the village Abhaneri near Jaipur in Indian state of Rajasthan. This step well is located opposite Harshat Mata Temple and is one of the deepest and largest step wells in India. It was built in 9th century and has 3500 narrow steps and 13 stories and is 100 feet deep. It is a fine example of the architectural excellence prevalent in the past.
360° panorama by yunzen liu.
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Jiuzhaigou is a scenic area of outstanding beauty in southwest China’s Sichuan province. The World Heritage-listed spot is situated about 400 kilometers north of the province’s capital city, Chengdu, and is over 80 kilometers long, covering an area of 60,000 hectares. ‘Jiuzhaigou’ means ‘Nine Village Valley’ and refers to the nine villages of Tibetan people here.  The spot was discovered by some woodcutters in the 1970s and was so admired over the next few years that it was consequently listed as one of the most important scenic spots in China in 1982. By 1992 Jiuzhaigou had become one of China’s 33 World Heritage sites, including E’Mei Mountain and Huangshan Mountain. There are six scenic spots in the Jiuzhaigou area: Changhai, Jianyan, Nuorilang, Shuzheng, Zharu and Heihai. Its double waterfalls, snowy peaks, colorful forests and green seas have made Jiuzhaigou known throughout the world. The area also has the added charm of Tibetan culture.Lying Dragon LakeLying Dragon Lake, also known as Sleeping Dragon Lake, is one of the lower lakes in the area. With a depth of 20 m, it is notable for the clearly visible calcareous dyke running through it, whose shape has been compared to a dragon lying on the bottom. The panorama was taken in the Lying Dragon Lake panorama photography by yunzeng liu 
360° panorama by Nobutaka Asahi.
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anataki is upstream of katsunai river of Otaru. It is flowing through the waterfall from on the overhung volcaniclastic rock. Therefore, it can go also to the back side of a waterfall.