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We were pleased to see the homepage today. The photograph that is featured on today (28th March, 2013), is a beautiful underwater panorama made by the 360Cities photographer  in Brazil, the Mysterious Lagoon. Congratulations to  Discover its mysterious by clicking on the image!


Mysterious Lagoon, Brazil. Panorama made by Marcio Cabral


Why is this lagoon mysterious?

Because it is considered one of the deepest submerged caves in Brazil, with more than 220 meter of water column (maximum depth reached by professional cave diver Gilberto Menezes de Oliveira, in 1998), as   wrote in the panorama description. is one of the most used search engines in the world. Thanks a lot to the team for bringing 360Cities panoramas to an even larger audience. Also, thanks a lot to 360Cities photographers whose work deserves to be seen by a worldwide audience.


The 360Cities team

360° panorama by Pavel Antropov.
Click the image to open the interactive version.

360° panorama by Sergej Esnault.
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The Protestant Gustav Adolf Stave Church (German Gustav-Adolf-Stabkirche) is a stave church situated in Hahnenklee, in the Harz region, Germany.The church is a free copy of Borgund stave church in Norway, with adaptions to fulfil its role as the Hahnenklee parish church. The construction began in 1907, and the church opened its doors for use on June 28, 1908.

We thought we already knew how Mars looks up close thanks to Andrew Brodov’s stunning panoramas. But, Andrew has surpassed even himself with this Mars Gigapixel.

Andrew Bodrov is a member of the International Virtual Reality Photography Association (IVRPA) and he has been professionally engaged in panoramic photography for over 12 years. Also he loves stitching NASA photographs for making panoramas that are out of this world.


Mars Gigapixel Panorama – Curiosity rover: Martian solar days 136-149 panorama made by 


Some information about the Mars Rovers and about the Gigapixel

The Curiosity Rover has 17 cameras. This panorama has been made with 407 images that were taken from the left and right mastcams. The bulk of the Gigapixel has been stitched with the pictures from the 100mm lens and gaps were filled with the pictures from the 34mm lens. It’s because of this you’ll find some parts that have lower resolution.

Although the Mars Gigapixel has 4 billon pixels, the cameras only have 2 Megapixel, which is almost nothing if you compare them with a pocket camera or even with a phone. But don’t forget that NASA has to send these cameras to Mars and that means that they have to survive radiations and other hazards. They are the bravest cameras that NASA scientists have found 😉


Picture from

360° panorama by Daniel Christaldi.
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360° panorama by Julien Mordret.
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Raja Ampat is an archipelago off the island of New Guinea, belonging to the Indonesian province of West Papua. North of Pulau Gam (Gam Island), lies a labyrinth of forested islands and lagoons, in which this panorama was taken.
360° panorama by Marek Lomnicky.
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Maly Zavrat seddle (2270 m) in High Tatras, Slovakia after few hours of skitouring in Velka Studena dolina valley. The slab going to the south is 45 degrees steep and means a serious ski challenge. Mountain to the west reachable from the seddle is called Kresany roh. In the northwest there is the main ridge of High Tatras.
360° panorama by Asset Imaging Photography.
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it is hard to appreciate education 100 years ago, when children were lucky to remain at school beyond 12 or 13 years old. One Teacher would often service more than one school, so 2-3 days effective learing per week for each child.Once haymaking or other critical duties came up, school woud be abandoned in favour of more important use of time, a factor probably appreciated by many modern children!!The panorama was shot at Kiwi North, Whangarei by permission and is part of a photo essay on scale of education. Kiwi North can be seen at:http// 
360° panorama by kiyoharu takamura.
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360° panorama by Astrolabio Colombia.
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Dos franceses (Stephanie y Nicholas) observan los cafetales de la Terraza San Alberto, en Buena Vista, Quindío, en un paisaje y con una panorámica espectacular. El Paisaje Cultural Cafetero es patrimonio de la humanidad.En la Terraza de San Alberto es posible disfrutar de uno de los mejores cafés de Colombia y realizar el famoso "Bautizo Cafetero", en donde expertos catadores enseñan a los visitantes a detectar un buen café. Muy interesante.Fotografía 360: Mario Carvajal