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Hey guys! We’re back with our summary of the coolest panos uploaded to 360Cities. Sorry you didn’t hear from us last week, we were quite busy with our cooperation with Getty, but that does not mean there was nothing to see here!

Let’s have look at the most wonderful panoramas our community photographers made in the last TWO weeks!


Namsan Tower N Seoul Tower Seoul South Korea by Martijn Baudoin (click the picture to open the pano)


We start in Seoul, with a magnificent shot of South Korea’s capital by Martijn Baudoin, who took this pano from one of the highest places in the city, from the top of the Namsan Tower. Have a look around, discover different parts of the city, as well as beautiful surroundings. Great work!


Gyeongbokgung Palace Seoul South Korea V by Martijn Baudoin (click the picture to open the pano)


Martijn Baudoin was on fire! On another pano from Seoul, we see the Gyengbokgung palace with its magnificent architecture and a lovely pool. Make sure you check out another Martijn’s pano from the palace here.


Almost Winter by Jürgen Schrader (click the picture to open the pano)


It’s been getting really cold over here in Europe and Jürgen Schrader’s pano from Bavaria, Germany, definitely proves it. The land slowly dresses to white and it looks like a fairytale all around!


Cygnus Cargo Module by Jason Perrone (click the picture to open the pano)


This is what panos are great for – they take you to places that you could never visit in your life. Like this one by Jason Perrone from the Payload Hazardous Servicing facility at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Merritt Island, Florida. The silver cylinder you can see there, is the cargo module of the Cygnus spaceship – have a look at it!


Murray Star Maze, Scone Palace, Scotland by Daniel Oi (click the picture to open the pano)


This is the Murray Star maze at Scone Palace in Scotland. The view from the bridge overlooking the maze gives you the image of how big it really is. How tough is it to find a way out?


Wait, we’re not done yet!

There’s a couple of other cool panos ready for you! Heiner Straesser made a lovely pano of the Jerusalem Synagogue in Prague, Mohamed Attef visited the Small Temple of Nefertari at Abu Simbel, Egypt.

Philippe Bleau made a panoramic photo of a restaurant in Chile, completely made from recycled materials, Lorenzo Rossato made a pano of an amazing cave in Italy, and Ali Haider took a pano of the Naulakha Pavilion in Pakistan.

Check them all out – and see you next week (really, we promise)!

We recently announced our new Distribution Partnership with Getty Images and today we’re pleased to announce the launch of the first set of panoramas from 360Cities contributors on Getty Images. In order to see these images, just enter “” in the search box on when the box is set to either “All images” or “Editorial images”.

This is just an initial set of a few hundred images to start. We’re going to be growing the number of images and photographers represented on an ongoing basis so that more participants can benefit from the global reach of Getty Images’ own and third party sales forces, as they begin to promote interactive 360° panoramic imagery as part of their regular offering to thousands of business customers around the world.

Getty Images is the world leader in editorial licensing, with a large sales staff and a customer list that includes the largest consumers of editorial imagery in the world. The result for participating contributors of 360Cities is that many more images will be licensed by editorial users via the Getty channel, and thus more of our contributors have a chance to earn royalties from their panoramas.

See our Help Guide for more information on how you can participate and benefit from our exciting new Distribution Partnership with Getty Images.

As always, thanks to all our members for your great work and for contributing to 360Cities.

The 360Cities Team

Our weekly round-up of the coolest panoramic pictures will be a slightly shorter than usual this time, as only two panos made the list. But as you can see, it’s well deserved.


Karang Bolong Beach by Dominic Julian (click the picture to open the pano)

This week we start in Indonesia, where Dominic Julian took this picture at the Karand Bolong beach. As he points out in the description, you don’t want to miss the hole in the rock, which actually gave the beach its name. But still – it’s a beach and we would certainly understand if you looked the other way, to the sea.


Venice rooftops by Steffen Faradi (click the picture to open the pano)

Moving from Indonesia to Europe, we now stand on top of one of Venice’s roofs, enjoying a wonderful view over the city. Streffen Faradi also notes that taking panoramic pictures requires you to discover an adventurer in you – he had to wake up early and climb up the roof to make a pano like this. Great job!

See you next week!



Harry Peter

2 hrs · Aachen, Germany

As being an amateur I could really need some experts advice on buying a portable “light/flash” for use with the new Theta model S:

Imagine you want to place a Theta on a standard tripod inside a room/cave with very bad lighting and no electrical power supply, but it is essential to see details on the walls around you. Thus you’d need some kind of central light/flash that’s beaming in all directions, right?

What kind of light/flash could you use to enlighten the entire room, q…

See More

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Allen Clark

Allen Clark You could probably make something suitable out of a battery-powered fluorescent light stick (see pictured example). You’d have to build a transparent tube to place it in, with a tripod screwhole plate at the base and plate with tripod screw at the top…See More

Allen Clark's photo.

1 · 1 hr

Harry Peter

Harry Peter This suggestion is nice, thanks! If nothing else appears I think I will try to build this do-it-yourself-solution smile emoticon

54 mins

Sravani Saha

Sravani Saha Can you post the link to this example?

1 hr

Allen Clark

Allen Clark It’s a pretty common product, a shop light that happens to be a battery-powered fluorescent. Google any of those terms and you’ll come up with other manufacturers’ products.…/p-03415433000P…

1 · 1 hr

Jeffrey Martin

Jerome Boccon-Gibod

November 6 at 11:54pm

Linear panorama with some parallax effects (krpano)

Over The Wall – Nantes

Dans le cadre et en étroite collaboration avec Le Voyage à Nantes 2012, “Pick Up production” et “Plus de Couleurs” on réalisé un projet d’envergure à la hauteur de l’événement : un parcours graffiti qui s’étend de manière discontinue tout au …


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Christoph Simon

Christoph Simon very cool!

1 · November 7 at 1:52pm

Thomas Sharpless

Thomas Sharpless Great work! Could add vertical parallax shifts?

November 7 at 3:16pm

Jerome Boccon-Gibod

Jerome Boccon-Gibod Yes, updated version with vertical parallax shift online wink emoticon

2 · November 7 at 6:05pm


Jeffrey Martin

Jeffrey Martin unless you stop the auto-play audio, next time i see you, i’m going to come up from behind you and start shouting in your ear without warning, in a foreign language. ok! smile emoticon

2 hrs

Jerome Boccon-Gibod

Jerome Boccon-Gibod Music soothes the savage breast Jeffrey, or you can use the mute button…

1 hr

Jeffrey Martin

Write a reply…

Jeffrey Martin

Robert Miller

November 8 at 10:40am

So here is an interesting thought… I have used a wide variety of panoramic heads, including robotic heads. The robotic heads all have their quirks but the biggest issue is a lack of communication between the head and camera. Given the fact that cameras have usb ports, they could infact connect to and control the head. This would allow for auto levelling by compensating when moving, acurate triggering and optimal stepping and most importantly a way of altering exposure during the panorama.

I designed a system and tried Nikon but of course and not surprisingly, zero interest in doing anything creative. Anyone have contacts at a camera manufacturer that may be interest?

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Jeffrey Martin

Jeffrey Martin unless you are well funded with a very clear proof that you will be selling this on a global and retail scale, you can’t really expect ANY camera company to be interested in this.

2 hrs

Jeffrey Martin

Jeffrey Martin you might try that micro four thirds camera that was on KS. He might be interested. that would get your foot in the door and help you get to working prototype stage

1 · 2 hrs

Matthew Rogers

Matthew Rogers You can already buy all the hardware and controllers you need from just two companies. Just do some research smile emoticon

2 hrs

Jeffrey Martin

Herwig Niggemann

November 7 at 12:15pm

Herwig Niggemann's photo.

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Hi there! We’re back with your favorite summary of the coolest panoramas uploaded to 360Cities last week. Let’s have look!


Balmy Streetart by Udo Lenkewicz.

This time we are going to take a short trip across the US – we start in San Francisco, in the Balmy Alley full of graffiti and street art. Wide range of colors, styles and also placements – both on walls and the pavement as well. Great idea for a pano!


Inside Double Arch at Night by Vincent Brady.

Time to move from California to Utah. Vincent Brady did a tremendous job here – have a look at this magnificent combination of the starry sky and the Double Arch in the Arches National Park. The arches are wonderfully lit, but the stars stand out anyway. Love it!


Stonehenge distant, Maryhill, Washington, USA by Peter Patricelli MD.

Peter Patricelli visited the Maryhill Stonehenge in Wanshington, which is a replica of the famous original Stonegenge in Wiltshire, England. It was finished in 1929 and it is a memorial to those who had died in World War I.


Szolnok in autumn – Foggy View by Kotta.

This one is really special. Szolnok, a city in Hungary, looks absolutely fantastic – in fog, especially when looking from high above the city. The fog, combined with white light, makes the city look so unnatural – this pano is a must see.


Aerial view Štrbské Pleso with the Hotel Kempinski by Fabian.

Last pano featured in our summary was made by Fabian Truttmann in Slovakia. The Štrbské Pleso lake looks so nice during blue hour and Fabian’s aerial shot gives you an image of how beautiful the whole area really is.


Want more?

Munich, Neues Rathaus by Erwin LEIMLEHNER.

tikal maya ruins. grand piramid place by luis davilla.

Forum Romanum from Palatine by Uwe Buecher.

Tempio dei Dioscuri by Uwe Buecher.

Petra Treasury – front mountain view by Mohamed Attef.

View Waterfall Pavilion by Dxinwei.

Grand Trianon by SEIMA.


See you next week!


We’re pleased to announce an exciting new Distribution Partnership between Getty Images and 360Cities. Participating 360Cities’ photographers will benefit from the global reach of Getty Images’ own and third party sales forces who will promote interactive 360° panoramic imagery from 360Cities as part of their regular offering to thousands of business customers around the world.

According to Hugh Pinney, Getty Images’ Vice-President of Editorial Content, “We see a significant opportunity to make the experience of 360° interactivity a natural part of engaging with online content in both the editorial and commercial markets. We want to enable media clients and their consumers to experience 360° content on a daily basis and to start to expect interactivity when engaging with current affairs. We see our partnership with 360Cities, the world’s largest collection of high-quality, interactive panoramas from thousands of the finest VR photographers from around the world, as a natural fit in realizing this opportunity.”

Getty Images is the world’s leader in visual communication. With its advanced search and image recognition technology, Getty Images serves business customers in almost 200 countries and is the first place creative and media professionals turn to discover, purchase and manage images and other digital content. Its award-winning photographers and content creators help customers produce inspiring work which appears every day in the world’s most influential newspapers, magazines, advertising campaigns, films, television programs, books and online media.

See our Help Guide for more information on how you can participate and benefit from our exciting new Distribution Partnership with Getty Images.

The 360Cities Team

Hello! We’re back with our summary with the most wonderful panoramic photos uploaded to 360Cities last week! This time we selected three lovely autumn panos that really deserve your attention. Check them out!


Sils Maria by Fritz Hanke (click the picture to open the pano)

This week we start with Fritz Hanke’s lovely picture from Lake Sils in Switzerland. It is the largest natural lake in the Alps and it seems like an ideal place for taking a pano – especially on a beautiful autumn day like this one.


Bremen Holler See – Dorint Hotel – Park Hotel by Willy Kaemena (click the picture to open the pano)

Willy Kaemena took this pano at the Dorint hotel in Bremen, Germany. Another lovely autumn day, another good opportunity for taking a panoramic photo. Who’s up for a quick stroll in the park?


Hellingst Ecke Kuhstedter Strasse-Dorfstrasse by Willy Kaemena (click the picture to open the pano)

Here’s another pano by Willy and the autumn atmosphere got our attention again. Just follow the road to the right, where the sun sets. Absolutely wonderful.

See you next week!