We are pleased that the Bing.com homepage today  (13 May 2013) features yet another beautiful 360Cities panorama. This one is a lovely cave panorama made by 360Cities photographer  in Brazil. Congratulations to  again


Anhumas Abyss, Bonito, Brazil. Panorama made by Marcio Cabral


We are still wondering how the photographer could get in to this cave with all the necessary photography equipment. Read the  description to guess how.

This is the second time that a 360Cities picture made by Marcio Cabral has been featured on the Bing.com homepage. Needless to say, Marcio is one of the 360Cities Maestros.

The 360Cities Team



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  1. panorama 360 says:

    This is amassing
    I wish i could get featured on Bing homepage.

    He totally deserved it