November 20th is Universal Children’s Day as declared by Unesco.

Please, share your own or your favorite panoramas related to the Universal Children’s Day and we will post some of them on November 20th.

Send an email to

Looking forward to see them!


Elena, Community Manager


  1. Jürgen Schrader says:

    I wanted to support your initiative and send an email with the image I want to contribute.
    When I use the address above, I get an error message that eithe I’m not allowed to send a mail there or that the address doesn’t exist.

    This is exactly the reason why I usually do not like to contribute to 360c any more. There’s aleays a part on the website that entirely sucks and corners you after you did a lot of work 🙁

  2. Elena Martinez says:

    @Jürgen. Thanks for reporting this problem, it is fixed.
    You can send your panoramas to Thanks!