Photographers participating in our 360Cities Panoramic World have been publishing thousands of magnificent panos, and we understand it might get a bit difficult to find the ones you appreciate the most. We simply want to make sure you find them easily. To help you, we are now presenting  them to you in a single weekly blog post – Editors’ Picks of the week!

Let’s have a look at the Editors’ Picks from last week:


“Norway Preikestolen” by Flavio Di Mattio (click the picture to see the pano)


Everyone knows this place. But on all pictures, Preikestolen (or Pulpit rock, if you wish) is not as crowded as on Flavio Di Mattia’s pano.

On the other hand, we understand why all the people on the cliff wanted to visit the place themselves. The view of Norwegian fjords is absolutely stunning and if the weather’s nice, “a couple” of other tourists is not a problem, right? Just be careful and don’t slip!



“Grand Place Brussels” by Akos Hajdu (click the picture to see the pano)


Time to move from Norway to Belgium! Akos Hajdu made this lovely pano at the Grand Place square in Brussels. The city Town hall dominates the pano, as well as other majestic buldings nearby, including the Breadhouse (they don’t make a bread there anymore, it’s the city museum now).

Another thing on the pano caught my eye, though. Look at the people sitting on the ground. With the lovely surroundings there, this looks like a great place to chill in a warm summer evening, doesn’t it?



“Cold Pano For Hot Weather” by Bane Obradović (click the picture to see the pano)


If you live in Europe, we’re pretty sure those hot weeks are still in your memory. Bane Obradović uploaded this pano from Serbia to cool down you a little bit!

Nice cabin in the mountains, covered with snow, with a nice warm light in front of the main door, inviting you inside after your long day outside in the snow. Looks fantastic!



“Congreso de la Nación de la República Argentina” by Martin Velasco Bertolotto (click the picture to see the pano)


This is Martin Velasco Bertolotto’s picture from the Argentine National Congress.

It’s semi-circular shape is pretty cool for a pano – and we absolutely love the reflection on the table below the point of view. The place can get pretty busy on working days for sure, but the pano of an empty congress hall makes it look quiet and peacefull. Nice job, Martin!



“Elbe-Saale-Mündung” by Hendrik Henschel (click the picture to see the pano)


Hendrik Henschel made this wonderful aerial pano in a place where two German rivers – Elbe and Saale – meet. We love the atmosphere, nice and quiet, especially with the lovely sunset. And look at the tiny beaches on the right side of the Elbe!


As we said earlier – there’s much more uploaded to 360Cities every week. Be sure that we’ll be back with more panoramic beauty next Monday, so stay tuned! In the meantime, check out some other cool panos from last week:


“Festas do Povo de Campo Maior 2015 (3/4)” by Luis Filipe Azevedo (click the picture to see the pano)


“Latvian Academy of Sciences in Riga, Latvia” by Vil Muhametshin (click the picture to see the pano)


“Туманный лес” by Dmitriy Polukeev (click the picture to see the pano)


“Luxor & Karnak: King Seti I – Burial Chamber (Detail)” by Salma ElDardiry (click the picture to see the pano)


“ЦПКиО им. Маяковского” by Anton Fadeev (click the picture to see the pano)


See you next week!