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Phnom Penh's Central Market is a "must-see" for tourists to Cambodia's capital. It was built in 1937 when Cambodia was still under French colonial rule. The vast central dome, its 45-metre diameter, painted yellow, has been an icon of the capital city ever since. This French-designed steel and concrete structure is best pictured from above: think of a domed central hall with four giant arms protruding at right angles from it. There are more than 3,000 merchants in this market. Tourists and locals alike a vast array of products - from fruit and vegetables to meat and rice, clothes, pirated DVDs, books, stationery, electronics, and tourist trinkets to name a few.金邊中央市場是遊客必看的景點,這座圓拱型法式建築建於1937年,當時柬埔寨仍是法國的殖民地,圓拱高度45米,全座建築漆上蛋黃色,有4條通道,從高空看,好像4條展開的手臂,逾3000小販每天在這裡營生,遊客及當地市民都喜歡到這裡蹓躂,他們可以買到日常用品、餸菜、衣物、翻版影碟、珠寶手表、電器等等物品。http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Central_Market,_Phnom_Penh