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Google is bringing VR to one million UK school children


Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, is set to announce plans to bring virtual reality to one million UK school children. The internet giant will also launch a new initiative to offer free digital skills training to everyone in the UK.

As part of Pichai’s first visit to the UK since becoming CEO, he is set to announce the new Google Expeditions initiative. Expeditions are collections of linked VR content and supporting materials that can be used alongside the curriculum. The idea is, teachers can take their classes on virtual field trips to museums, underwater, or outer space.


How Red Dead Redemption’s writer wants Start VR to change storytelling


Red Dead Redemption is often regarded as one of the best video games from the past decade. The immensely detailed world full of bustling NPCs, addicting gameplay across the Wild West, and a cast of memorable characters all add up to one of the most lively and appreciated game worlds.


Will VR Change Home Cinema As We Know It?


Whether it be the new gimmick to replace 3D cinema or not, VR – for the moment – seems here to stay. With a plethora of VR headsets for tech-hungry consumers to chose from, it is inevitable that this ultimate immersive experience should find its way into the home cinema market; but are home cinema enthusiasts interested? Can they afford it? What content even is there? And could it (and more importantly, should it?) replace the traditional home cinema sound system and projector set-up?

“Virtual reality most definitely has a place in the home cinema arena,” Jason Lovell, senior product manager, Samsung VR tells CE Pro. “The technology is really taking off and film and video entertainment will be key part of VR’s direction moving forward as the industry grows and the technical capabilities of VR evolve with it.”


Accounting VR: Thousands have died.


Perhaps the best thing about Virtual Reality is how it highlights the simple things in life. Angry tree puppets, adorable bomb hands, and VR headsets made of stomach lining…wait, have I lost you? Let me rewind.

This past Monday, RTPVR was honored to have Tanya Watson as a special guest at our monthly Meetup. Watson has spent the majority of the last decade as an Executive Producer at Epic games, working on titles such as Gears of War, BulletStorm, & Fortnite. But she recently left all that fame and glory behind her to form a new VR Studio, Squanchtendo, with Rick & Morty Co-Creator Justin Roiland.

AMD Radeon Technologies Group Brings Cinematic VR to Millions of Movie Fans


At AMD, we power technology that shapes the world. Today, we are bringing to market a first-of-a-kind experience for millions of film enthusiasts in India and around the world. Following the unprecedented success of Baahubali: The Beginning, a sweeping adventure movie that broke box office records in India and which was noted for its special effects rendered with AMD professional graphics, we are once again collaborating with leading filmmakers to bring stunning visuals to life. What’s more, we are extending the movie experience by and bringing related Virtual Reality entertainment to the world.




Virtual reality is a technology that has been around for quite some time. However, it is only recently that it has started getting a lot of attention. When virtual reality is mentioned, it is usually video-games and entertainment that first come to mind. But virtual reality is a technology that has many other applications across multiple fields.


History Of Virtual Reality


Virtual reality is a technology that has been attracting a lot of attention in recent times. In fact, it has been attracting public attention since the early 1990s. However, the fact is that the concept of virtual reality is much older, and it is a technology with a very rich history.


How virtual reality is driving a new chapter in film


Before the 1890s, the idea of a motion picture seemed nearly impossible. Fast forward to the 2000s, and the idea of a three-dimensional (3D) cinematic experience almost feels like a phenomenon of yesteryear.

Despite early success, the past five to six years have fallen quite flat for 3D films. While the release of “Avatar” in late 2009 generated a record-high 2.79 billion dollars in global box revenue, a lack of in-home adoption remained.


Thousands of women confess to wanting virtual reality SEX as techy toys become mainstream


And it seems that Brits are open minded when it comes to strapping on a virtual reality headset and exploring 3D digital worlds.

“Future technologies, like advanced wearable tech, virtual reality, intelligent sex toys and artificial skin, are becoming part of our everyday lives and redefining the way we enjoy sex,” said Dr Elina Berglund, CTO and co-founder of Natural Cycles.




Apple is a company that is associated with innovation and revolutionary products. However, Apple is not usually among the list of names currently associated with virtual reality. One hears of names like Oculus, Samsung, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, etc., when talking about virtual reality, but ‘Apple’ is often missing in this list. However, there are many signs which point towards the high possibility of Apple being interested in virtual reality’s great potential.


Virtual Reality at Standing Rock: An Interview with Jeris JC Miller


Jeris JC Miller is a global leader in social media, and a member of Shifting POV, a collective of virtual and augmented reality film makers, educators and artists chosen by Facebook and Oculus Rift for their 2016 Launchpad Kickoff Program. That Shifting POV chose to document the struggle of the water protectors at Standing Rock speaks to their commitment to use VR technology to educate and to inspire empathy, a stark contrast to the use of VR in violence centered games. Jeris is one of the only women consistently on the cutting edge of the evolution from PC computing to social networking to augmented and Virtual Reality. 



6 Tips to Get Started Designing for VR


For starters — I am no authority on design in any medium, much less VR. I’m just a girl sharing my learnings while I explore creation in a new medium. In my short time spent with VR, I’ve discovered a few things that I’ll carry with me from project to project. Hopefully they may be of some value to you as you get started.


THE VIRTUAL REALITY REPORT: How the early days of VR are unfolding and the challenges it must overcome to reach mass adoption


The virtual reality (VR) market has made significant strides throughout 2016.

New VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive debuted amid great consumer anticipation, while VR content launches kept pace, with Batman: Arkham VR and Chair In A Room garnering encouraging download totals.




With the Manus VR gloves you can finally see and use your hands in virtual reality. To have a truly immersive experience, your mind needs to believe that you are actually in virtual reality.


Panasonic Professional 360 Real-Time 4K Camera: Hands-On


VR and 360 videos are the focus of intense research and competition as broadcasting companies can sense that this type of content is about to become the topic of an intense push by the industry. To explore new ways to capture broadcast-quality 360 videos, Panasonic came up with this 360-degree 4K Real-Time Camera prototype, which can capture four 4K streams simultaneously to form a 360 degrees view.


VR will allow us to live in another world of our own design


I have dreamed about virtual reality since I was a teenager. In those dreams, I am floating in the darkness of empty space, but with no need for a spacesuit. On my belt there are tools; I use one to create great walls made of stone. I move and size them effortlessly, like using the Force.




Last week industry at the the Ad Age Brand Summit in LA, industry leaders took a look ahead at how brands and advertisers will leverage VR and AR in 2017 and beyond. What’s coming next?


Thanks to smartphones, AR’s beating VR hands down


Imagine calling up your friend in a land far away and instead of talking with a voice on the phone or screen, interacting with her hologram in real time, in your living room. Or wearing a lens over your eye that projects all you do with your phone on a virtual screen in front of your eyes, just like Iron Man’s Jarvis. That’s augmented reality (AR), in a nutshell, for you.


Difference Between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality | VR vs AR


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have been talked about a lot in these two years and more talking is going to happen in the days forward. Although these two technologies are parallel, nevertheless they are not the same. In this article we explain you the differences between virtual reality and augmented reality, because from we found on many blogs and forums there is a lot of confusion going on in the use of these two technologies.

Worldviz working on a new business communication platform for VR with codename Skolfield


Worldviz, a specialist in creating diverse VR solutions for public sector and enterprise has recently announced that it is working on a new business communication platform codenamed as Scofield.

Skofield, that is in the initial developmental stage, aims at creating more novel, cost effective and immersive methods that can easily communicate several complex ideas across teams and other decision makers.

The two major elements of Scofield includes “creation” and “experience”. In the creation or the developmental phase, it makes use of the Presentation Designer software to quickly create a VR presentation, by simply dragging and dropping elements in the WYSIWYG editor. This will give users the flexibility to modify the presentation for objects having interactivity. They will also be able to insert additional data in form of fact sheets or manuals to the presentation.


VR/AR Input Is Hard… Still


‘Don’t get too hyped on the possibility of seeing anything at GDC. VR input is hard – in some ways, tracking hands well enough to maintain a sense of proprioceptive presence is even more technically challenging than getting perfect head tracking.
We will show something if and when we get it working well, but we have to avoid showing off prototypes that are not on a clear path to being shipped at the same or higher quality level. Throwing together very expensive or impossible to manufacture prototypes for internal R&D is one thing, using them to publicly set expectations around the near future is another.


Does VR Mess With Your Brain?


Virtual reality has been in the news a lot. There is a lot of evidence that it can have a profound effect on the brain, from helping paraplegics regain muscle control to curing instances of vertigo in millionaires. We know that it can provoke empathy, challenge implicit racial bias, and improve control over dreams, allowing a degree of lucid dreaming. But all of these changes are ill-understood. What kind of effect is VR having on your brain – and how long lasting could the effects be?


The Politics of Virtual Reality


In March 2014, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg paid $2 billion to acquire a tiny, two-year-old Silicon Valley start-up called Oculus. The company has one major product: the Rift, a virtual reality headset the size of a pair of ski goggles. Like all such headsets, the Rift covers the eyes and, with the aid of earphones, generates sounds and images that users perceive as three-dimensional and concrete, as if they were reality. What makes the Rift special is its size. Earlier headsets were as big as brass diving helmets. They had to be worn in special rooms where they could be tethered by heavy cables to banks of computers. The Rift, which is about to enter the mass market, promises to be the equivalent of an individual scuba tank. Wearing it, users should soon be able to swim freely through formerly two-dimensional media in the comfort of their own homes. (old article, but sounds very timely today)


Enabling wireless virtual reality


One of the limits of today’s virtual reality (VR) headsets is that they have to be tethered to computers in order to process data well enough to deliver high-resolution visuals. But wearing an HDMI cable reduces mobility and can even lead to users tripping over cords.

Fortunately, researchers from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory(CSAIL) have recently unveiled a prototype system called “MoVR” that allows gamers to use any VR headset wirelessly.


How should or shouldn’t cinematic VR be used to tell stories?


First of all: the VR days Europe were great. I met so many nice and interesting people this past weekend. I honestly feel I have gained some new friends and not just new people to work with. Also, from the insights we came up with in our many good discussions, I could have written at least five new blogs. Unfortunately, I have only time to write one, but I think this one comes close to the core of what this weekend was all about. At least for me.


AI & VR on Revue


The topics of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Realty & Augmented Reality are not only extremely relevant and captivating but also super engaging. A lot of our users are expressing growing interest in the world of tech and we couldn’t be happier about that. We’re pretty much enthusiasts ourselves when it comes to anything even remotely tech-related so seeing our community read & interact about such digests on Revue is truly awesome!


Google Daydream Review: Casual VR Closes the Gap


Google has been playing in the VR space since 2014 back when they launched the Cardboard initiative, a super low barrier starting point for VR which let people pair any modern smartphone with a $15 headset literally made out of cardboard. The company hoped Cardboard would act as a stepping stone to introduce people to VR, but it also proved to be a stepping stone for the company itself to become more deeply involved in the space.


This Virtual Reality Simulator Lets You Test Real Canon Cameras and Lenses


Canon has built its own Oculus Rift app, giving users a virtual environment where they can go out and improve their composition skills while they try out some of the gear they’ve been lusting over.

The aptly named “Camera Simulator by Canon Labs” lets users (or is it players?) choose between three cameras and three lenses, and then gives you full control of both the exposure triangle and your composition.

Virtual Reality Filmmaking Tricks Revealed


Military Applications Of Virtual Reality


Virtual reality is a technology that is all set to bring about change in many fields. One of the fields in which virtual reality finds application is the military. In fact, military applications were among the earliest applications of virtual reality. For example, way back in 1929, a commercial flight simulator called the ‘Link trainer’ was created by Edward Link – this technology was used by the U.S. Military. Let us take a closer look at the military applications of virtual reality.



Is Virtual Reality the future of television? That’s probably not a question that keeps you awake at night, but our columnist Olly Mann is on the case…


This is Useful: VRDC’s VR/AR Innovation Report


VRDC’s VR/AR Innovation Report from August 2016 is now available as a free download. “500 professionals involved in the development of augmented or virtual reality games and experiences” were surveyed.



Nikon Keymission 360 Preliminary Review


 In this post, I will discuss my preliminary review of the Nikon Keymission 360 after having used it for a week, based on my experience with having owned several other 360 cameras, and having shot with 360 cameras almost exclusively for the past 18 months.  I have tried to cover everything relevant but I haven’t used it extensively yet, so there could be problems or workarounds that I haven’t discovered.


Want to Know What Virtual Reality Might Become? Look to the Past


The Scottish scientist David Brewster was one of those 19th-century characters with no real equivalent today. An ordained minister in the Church of Scotland, he took an early interest in astronomy and became for a time one of the world’s leading experts on the science of optics. He also harbored a great fondness for popular amusements, and at some point in the early part of the century, he began frequenting a theatrical horror show in the West End of London called the Phantasmagoria. He went in part as a debunker, a skeptic hoping to reveal the secret craft behind the spectacle. But he also sensed that something profound was lurking in the trickery. He suspected that the showmen were exploiting some intrinsic quirks in the human sensory system — perhaps, he hoped, rendering them more intelligible to the scientist. Brewster called the world of scientifically produced illusion “natural magic.”


This is what makes me so excited about VR at the moment


It’s been a great month for VR!

We’ve seen some amazing announcements and demos that give us confidence that VR is really here to stay this time. The key in mass adoption is a mix between affordable, high quality hardware and compelling content. Nobody knows when the VR mass adoption happens, but there’s a lot coming up that makes us excited!

Will Virtual Reality Fail? Once Again?


Don’t start bashing me so soon for calling VR failure. But let’s not become the mice of our own experiments. We may end up creating a huge biased views of our creation. Let us not become victims of misplaced enthusiasm and ignore relevant facts. This is not one of those posts where we repeat past experiences or how Google Glass and 3D TV failed. We have read all of that. As is the tradition of VRCherries, we will make you aware of some facts of Virtual Reality, pitfalls ahead and what could possibly go wrong. As it happens in most such failures, the big corporations just dismisses those investments off. Those who are left sulking are the practitioners of the technology. I am sure none of you, be the developers, content creators, small time researchers and such do not wish to be left with dead investments and no clients. So exactly how should we as the VR community should tackle this issue for our own benefit?


Creating Videos with Spatial Audio for Facebook 360


Preparing videos with spatial audio for upload to Facebook requires the Facebook 360 Encoder application. The Encoder is available with the Spatial Workstation installer. Additionally, files with YouTube’s Spherical Video and Spatial Audio Metadata are supported and can be directly uploaded to Facebook 360.


The New York Times has starting releasing 360-degree virtual reality stories as daily news.


The New York Times has been releasing 360 videos for a while,  the NYT VR app on Google Cardboard is a beautiful introduction to 360VR storytelling. NYT VR also released award winning “The Displaced” and motivated lots of other journalists to tell stories in VR.

“It’s time to make 360 video a part of the daily news report, as common as text or interactives,” – Meredith Kopit Levien, executive vice president and chief revenue officer at The New York Times Company.




Virtual reality was first considered to be the new gaming technology. But it has proved the capability to innovate other branches of our everyday life. Besides games, it got strongly accustomed in live events, movies and TV shows streaming, design and architecture, industry and military. What is even more important, VR brings innovations to medicine, bringing the branch to a completely new level.


VR Startups: Holos is building your true home in VR


Virtual Reality is a whole new world for consumers. A world that has to be discovered from the ground up. We know how to use our computers and smartphones, but how is our workplace in VR going to look like? Where do we find and how do we start our VR apps? For our “VR Startups” series we are today speaking with Tyler and Dan from Holos, a startup that wants to find the definite answer for these questions!


Adobe updates its Creative Cloud suite of apps with focus on 3D and VR


Adobe announced a flurry of updates to its Creative Cloud suite of apps and services today ahead of its MAX conference, introducing a new 3D design app called Project Felix, a font store called Typekit Marketplace, virtual reality features for the Premiere Pro video editor, three new Android apps, and a bunch of smaller updates across desktop and mobile.


USA Today launches weekly VR news series “VRtually There” with new “cubemercial” format for advertisers


On October 27th, USA Today became one of the most prominent virtual reality content creators in the news business with the launch of a weekly VR news show, VRtually There, a collaboration between its editorial team and in-house agency, GET Creative.


L’Oréal Is Using Virtual Reality To Expand The “Matrix Academy”


Animators spent decades trying to make hair look fully realistic, until Pixar created the software used in such movies as Monsters Inc. and Brave. Now that same problem has to be solved in virtual reality.

“From our perspective, hair is the hardest possible problem,” explains 8i’s Linc Gasking. 8i specializes in modeling fine human details like eyes and fingers, but its team found hair to be particularly challenging, especially the frizzy kind.



VR industry hasn’t bothered to do safety research


Episode two of this season’s Black Mirror, ‘Playtest’, sparked the question by many including Tyler Wilde, Executive Editor at PC Gamer, to ask the question, “Is there a line where virtual reality becomes dangerous, and will we stop when we find it?”


VR Startups: Virtelio enables anyone to create interactive VR movies


Content creation in VR will get more interesting for publishers once VR becomes more mainstream. And Google is just about to make this a reality with Daydream. For our “VR Startups” series we are happy to have interviewed Fred Baus, the General Manager of “realab” that develops VR editing software “Virtelio”, a tool that makes it easy for story-tellers to create VR content!


27 of the best AR and VR apps and games


2016 is the year that virtual reality and augmented reality hit the mainstream – here are our picks for the best games and apps you can download for iPhone and Android.


25 of VR’s greatest innovators


Time, place, even a sense of self can lose meaning in these creations weaved from the gossamer threads of fact found in fiction, the illusional fancies of magic realism, the mind-expanding nature of synthetic hallucination.


Microsoft Research has two types of touch for VR haptics



Virtual reality is one of the most immersive technologies available today. That is until the illusion shatters when you instinctively reach out to touch something and are met with a one-size-fits-all haptic response or no feedback at all. Microsoft Research (PDF) might have the solution to that. Rather than air-based haptics like we’ve seen before, “NormalTouch” and “TextureTouch” use handheld devices to simulate touching things while in VR — no bodysuit required.


My first virtual reality groping


Last week I was groped in virtual reality. Did you know that could happen? I didn’t, but now I’m all the wiser.
While visiting my brother-in-law last weekend, we decided to check out his HTC Vive, a virtual reality system. My husband and I stood in his home in Redwood City, on an idyllic 80-degree day, the three of us taking turns on the Vive.

How Virtual Reality Could Reshape The Energy Sector


Humans have a hard time with numbers. The truth is that our brains are much better at processing images and colors than they are at processing numbers. Give a human a relatively simple math problem like dividing two large numbers by one another and it can take them several minutes to work out the answer. By contrast, humans are great at understanding images and making inferences as compared to computers. Trivial tasks like identifying what a chair is are extraordinarily difficult for computers.


The real winners in VR are the conference organisers


At the moment we are in what I call the ‘Wild West’ of VR. Hundreds of new companies are cropping up everywhere to capitalise on the new technology and experimenting with how it can be used, for good and for worse. It’s an exciting time where the new kid appearing with a solitary stand and blank walls could be an influential player in a short two years time.




[Florian] wants to browse the web like an internet cowboy from a cyberpunk novel. Unfortunately, VR controllers are great for games but really incapacitate a hand for typing. A new input method was needed, one that would free his fingers for typing, but still give his hands detailed input into the virtual world.


Is Apple completely missing out on Virtual Reality?


We are living in exciting times. 2016 is THE big year for VR. The year that it finally reaches the consumers. First with the launch of the Oculus Rift and the HTC VIVE, then with the Playstation VR and finally next month when Google throws its hat into the ring with its Daydream VR platform.



World’s First Virtual Reality Production Truck

NextVR, a pioneer in immersive 3D virtual reality experiences, is introducing the first live virtual reality production truck for broadcast coverage of marquee events.

Ultra-lifelike figure shows potential future of virtual reality


Although it looks like a real woman, the ultra-lifelike figure in this music video is actually a digital model created using high-resolution 3D scans.

London-based multimedia studios Marshmallow Laser Feast and Analog teamed up to create the video, called Memex, which is currently on show as part of the Istanbul Design Biennial 2016.


Workers at This Startup Will Soon Swap Their PC Monitors for Augmented Reality Glasses


Gribetz was named to MIT Technology Review’s TR35 list of young innovators this year. Meta’s investors include Comcast and Lenovo.

When you put on Meta’s glasses, which can be pre-ordered for $949, you can see virtual objects overlaid onto the real world and control them using gestures. The experience is similar to that offered by headsets indevelopment by Microsoft and well-funded startup Magic Leap.


How to Learn Virtual Reality and Become an Expert?


The journey of thousand miles begins with a simple step. Career in Virtual Reality is going to be rewarding. Before we start to learn virtual reality, let’s understand what is virtual reality.  This may be good read for absolute beginners to intermediate levels. So, let’s begin to learn virtual reality. You could be a content creator, developer or an aspirant who wants to probably build her career and learn Virtual Reality. We have attempted to cover it.


Deutsche Welle is working on a tool that makes it easier to tell stories in virtual reality


German news outlet Deutsche Welle has been experimenting with a new storytelling tool called Fader, which allows journalists with no experience of virtual reality production or programming skills to create and distribute VR content.


Prepping Your 360-Degree Footage For Editing


There are some very important steps you have to go through before you can import you footage into your NLE. Below, I cover, from a high level, what those steps are. Once you understand these steps, you’ll be able to use pretty much any “stitching” application out there.


Why VR content outside of games and entertainment is failing


Many content creators in the virtual reality space are struggling at the moment.

VR content companies that aren’t making a game or something that is entertaining are finding little money or engineering talent available to them.

Money and talent are being funneled mostly into the “fun” categories, which are expected to see the earliest consumer adoption and generate the first real profits. That leaves few resources on the table for content creators exploring other types of content.


Design Practices in Virtual Reality


The technology of virtual reality (VR) has been gaining traction, however there is an absence of methods and best practices when designing for it. In my bachelor’s project I am focusing on the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) opportunities and problems created by the technology of virtual reality.


Doug Liman’s Virtual Reality Series ‘Invisible’ Premieres on Samsung VR


The series is created by 30 Ninjas — a digital entertainment company formed by Liman (The Bourne Identity,Mr. and Mrs. Smith) and producer Julina Tatlock — with Conde Nast Entertainment, VR startup Jaunt and Samsung, supported by presenting sponsor Lexus.


The real-world uses for virtual reality


Think of virtual reality and you will probably conjure up images of fantastical landscapes in a game or film set. But VR can also be embedded in reality to give people more understanding of the world around them. Increasingly it is being used as a tool by journalists, teachers, healthcare workers and retailers.

Visual Connections New York 2016



Visual Connections is the largest annual visual media trade show in the world. This networking event is exclusively for 
image/footage/art buyers.


360Cities is attending the “Visual Media Expo New York City 2016” event next week to introduce the potential of your high-quality 360-degree panoramas to a new audience of advertisers and publishers. We’ll be there to represent you and your work!







If you in or are around NYC on October 27th, 2016, come to see us at the Metropolitan Pavilion, The Suite (2nd floor) stand #B17-18, in Chelsea, Manhattan, NYC. We’d be glad to see you!

 The Future of VR by Brendan Iribe


In the near future, a lot of companies will design tools for front-facing cameras and 360 videos, like in case of Sony. Oculus’s CEO Brendan clarifies that there’s a huge need of VR games for PlayStations. So many developers would like to target different VR devices till it’s new.


Virtual Reality In The Classroom


Imagine this scene – a group of students guided by their teacher are visiting a heritage site. The students get to explore the heritage site and see many features in close detail. However, what if you were told that they are doing all this while still being inside the classroom? ‘How is that possible unless their classroom itself is the heritage site?’ you may ask. The answer is ‘Virtual reality’. ‘Well, all that is great for science fiction. Let’s talk about something that is possible today’ you may say. The answer is ‘It is possible today!’


Modal VR sets out to simplify large-scale virtual reality


With the PSVR launching this week, and plenty of Oculus Rifts, HTC Vives and Gear VRs already in the wild, people’s VR options are growing, but not everybody has the space or cash for a decent setup. More and more we’re seeing companies step in to offer VR as a theme park or arcade type of experience, and the latest to throw its hat into the ring is Modal VR, with a semi-portable system that can reportedly track the heads and gestures of up to 10 players, without trailing cables everywhere.


Stanford researchers release virtual reality simulation that transports users to ocean of the future

Researcher trying the Stanford Ocean Acidification Experience, a new virtual reality science education tool, with coral animation still in background. Credit info: Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab

Try to imagine what the world will look like if human-caused carbon-dioxide emissions aren’t curbed. If your imagination and scientific knowledge can’t take you there, virtual reality can. The Stanford Ocean Acidification Experience, a free science education tool (download here), can take you to the bottom of the sea, then fast-forward to the end of the century, when many coral reefs are predicted to corrode in waters made acidic by the absorption of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.


Gartner says 100 million consumers will shop in augmented reality


Global research firm Gartner presented its near future predictions at this year’s Symposium/ITxpo in Orlando. According to Gartner, by 2020 there will be 100 million consumers that shop in augmented reality and 30 percent of web browsing sessions will be done without a screen. Here are the top 10 strategic predictions by Gartner analysts.


My Summer in Virtual Reality


I spent 16 weeks (Summer 2016) trying to start a company in an industry that I barely knew about… Here’s the story:

  1. Virtual reality first popped up on my radar back in 2015. I had stumbled upon a virtual reality subreddit and I was captivated by the content posted there. I soon found myself yearning to experience virtual reality and experience some of the captivating virtual environments that I’ve encountered in my life. (2015 January)

Felix & Paul Sets New Standard For Live-Action VR With Cirque Du Soleil KÀ, Available Free on Gear VR


Montreal-based Felix & Paul’s latest project, Cirque Du Soleil’s KÀ: The Battle Within, is a must-download available today for Gear VR.

I got a look at the 1.5 GB 12-minute VR video at Oculus Connect and it offered more than a front-row seat to a Cirque Du Soleil performance. I was closer to the action than the best seat in the house, and the muscular performers weren’t just closer to me — they were imposing. They loomed over me like giants, or slid around me like snakes. They occasionally made direct eye contact or snarled at me, sending chills down my spine and inviting me deeper into the world of KÀ.


Hulu to Stream Virtual Reality News and Comedy Shows From RYOT Studios (EXCLUSIVE)


Hulu is getting two new exclusive series made for virtual reality (VR), courtesy of the Huffington Post’s RYOT Studios: Come this fall, Hulu’s VR app is going to feature a news program called “The Big Picture: News in Virtual Reality” as well as new VR comedy show called “Virtually Mike and Nora” starring Nora Kirkpatrick and Mike O’Brien.




For The Simpsons 600th episode, Fox has teamed up with Google to create a Google Spotlight story in virtual reality. The immersive experience entitled “Planet of the Couches”, is a gag and has a few interactive scenes, such as the classic bar jokes of Moe the bartender or Ralph (being lost). In all very cool! The couch gag intro in every Simpsons episode has been turned into a 360° Virtual Reality experience surrounding you with jokes.


New record for fusion


On Friday, Sept. 30, at 9:25 p.m. EDT, scientists and engineers at MIT’s Plasma Science and Fusion Center made a leap forward in the pursuit of clean energy. The team set a new world record for plasma pressure in the Institute’s Alcator C-Mod tokamak nuclear fusion reactor. Plasma pressure is the key ingredient to producing energy from nuclear fusion, and MIT’s new result achieves over 2 atmospheres of pressure for the first time.


As the Note 7 dies, Oculus loses face(s)


The Note 7 debacle hasn’t been good for anyone — not for Samsung, not for Android, not for consumers, not for airlines, not for fire departments, not for stylus-lovers and certainly not for Oculus.

The Facebook-owned virtual reality powerhouse currently has its entire mobile VR future pinned on the successes of Samsung’s handsets and the discontinuation of Note 7 production is likely going to stunt Oculus’s Gear VR sales (and brand) in a pretty damning way.




In the first installment of this series I wrote about how seasoned game fanatics were turned into crying babies by the power of the VR medium. In the second installment, I went into the hurdles which the VR-medium poses on the storyteller. And in the third part, I took a peek at what the future might hold for VR and how future VR-makers might use new tools which are becoming available right now. In the fourth part I talked about Story Masters and the over arching idea.

S. Korean government invests $363 million to promote VR


The South Korean government is set to invest 363 million dollars over the next five years to promote the virtual reality (VR) industry. Korean government considers virtual reality as a future growth engine.

How to Get Lost in Augmented Reality


For several weeks this summer, the world was peppered with Pokémon and possibility. People rushed out, phones in hand, to chase Charizards and explored neighborhoods both old and new. For most of July and part of August, it felt like the augmented reality future had finally arrived. To a certain degree, it had. But Pokémon Go was and is a basic program. Though it did start a conversation about how A.R. works across race and class, it did not force early adopters to confront how manipulation and consent work in mixed reality.


PlayStation VR is a good headset built on a crumbling foundation


Sony’s new-fangled head-mounted display and the bits and pieces that make it run feel like a forced collision between the past and the present.
The headset is definitively a product of the Now: it’s sleek, it’s space-age, and it’s lightweight in your hands and on your head, but not in a cheap or flimsy way.


The Big Comparison: Daydream View vs Gear VR


So Google has finally unveiled its Daydream VR headset, the Daydream View. It will be available in November for $79 and will start the mobile VR war between Samsung’s Oculus powered Gear VR and Google’s Daydream VR. In this comparison, we pit the two VR headsets against each other to find out which device is the better headset.


From Dutch hospital to Afghan clinic: new VR app aims to link 8.5m doctors


Imagine you’re a doctor in Swindon and a patient with a chewing tobacco habit turns up with unusual tongue lesions. What if you could, at the press of a few buttons, locate and get instant advice from the Mumbai-based world expert on cancers related to chewing tobacco?


SONY Playstation PSVR virtual reality experience arrives this week: what does it mean for VR?


Sony’s PSVR Virtual Reality will be available to the world starting this Thursday, bringing another huge leap forward to the VR community amidst Google’s recent announcements about it’s Daydream platform and hardware.

One of the most significant things about the PSVR Virtual Reality experience is that unlike Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or other HMD’s which need the processing power of a robust computer to run, PSVR works with your existing Playstation 4 console. According to Wired, over 40 Million have sold since the launch several years ago. That is a huge built in addressable market and we’re excited at SpaceoutVR to see advances that make Virtual Reality experiences more available to the world.


NASA Langley Uses VR/AR Devices for its Researches


As the VR technology is expanding and is becoming available for people, NASALangley takes advantage of VR. On 11th of October NASA reported on its official website about the usage of VR/AR technologies for working on the space.




Where am I? Waking up in Virtual Reality


I’ve been researching environmental immersion for 5 years and now with my own virtual Reality viewers and 360 recording devices, I’ve been able to experiment.

The first unusual experiment: I took a nap while wearing my Virtual Reality Viewers to learn about how it interacts with the mind upon waking in VR. My first awakening? The avengers mansion. At first I was quite confused. My first thoughts were, “Did I get really drunk last night? Where the hell am I? How did I get here? Is this a dream” In those early stages my first reaction, when presented with an unusual environment upon waking, was to assume it was real, and try to make sense of how I got there. Those first times, when i tried to rub the sleep out of my eyes I immediately feel the goggles and realize fairly quickly that it was a VR experience still running. (The time between was relatively short, measured in seconds, but could be increased using better equipment but overall the effect decreased over time.)

What the heck is going on with Palmer Luckey?


In one week, he’s gone from being the enigmatic, shockingly young head of a company that Facebook acquired for billions of dollars, to being the Wizard of Oz-type millionaire behind the curtain who’s financing an alt-right political group with roots in a white supremacist subreddit.

Become VR Developer with new Udacity Program


VR industry continues to develop and integrate new people in producing VR content. On 28th of September 2016, it has been announced of launching new VR program. Several giant companies: Google, Unity, Upload and HTC Vive have joined Udacity to create an educational program which is called VR Developer Nanodegree program.

Not So VR Away: NVIDIA, HTC Make It Easier to Bring Virtual Reality to Your Business


Putting cutting-edge VR to work in your business is about to get easier. Next month, our new Pascal-based NVIDIA Quadro professional GPUs and HTC’s Vive Business Edition will become generally available.

Our Pascal-based Quadro GPUs will support a wide range of new VR technologies. Separately, HTC’s Vive Business Edition will make it easier to put VR to work for your organization.

10 Best Uses Of Virtual Reality In Marketing (Updated)


As of April 2016, people that succeed with Virtual Reality (VR) Marketing do two things very well:

First, they identify VR Marketing narratives that get them results.

Second, they put 100% of their resources into creating the stories that resonate with their audience.

But you’re probably wondering:

“How do I find VR Marketing strategies that actually work?”

“Storytelling in VR is Changing What We’re Used to in Traditional Film”: Yelena Rachitsky on Virtual Reality


Is virtual reality beginning to be embraced by the mainstream? The question was raised last weekend at IFP Film Week’s Cinema in the Age of VR panel. Roughly 50 people had gathered at the Made in NY Media Center by IFP in Dumbo to hear from four pioneers working at the forefront of VR.

Watching Football in VR is Kind of Terrible Right Now


Ever since I put on a VR headset, I’ve wanted to use one to watch live sporting events. Well, that tech is here now, and it’s a miserable experience.

During week three of the NCAA college football season, Fox Sports aired the matchup between the Oklahoma Sooners and the Ohio State Buckeyes on its Fox Sports VR App. This smartphone program fromdeveloper LiveLike is available now for free on the iOS, Android, and Gear VR markets. For the OSU-OU game, it had five different 180-degree cameras set up around the field. One in each endzone, one on each 25-yard line, and one in a box at the 50 yard line. At any time during the action, you could switch between those vantage points so you can always get in close to the play.

Can Virtual Reality Trigger Long Locked Away Memories?


Can short term virtual reality sessions help people living with dementia trigger long term memories and improve communication skills?

An aged care-home operator is tentatively reporting positive results in virtual reality sessions with residents.

Originally introduced at two Melbourne aged care-homes as a means of entertaining residents, Mercy Health Lifestyle and Volunteer Manager Karren Gooding said the short virtual reality sessions have had unexpected results.

You’re in the band: virtual reality’s orchestral future


It is every orchestral player’s greatest anxiety dream. You are sitting on stage at the Royal Festival Hall as the Philharmonia’s Principal Conductor Esa-Pekka Salonen strides up to the podium. He looks you directly in the eye and raises his baton for the first downbeat. It is only then that you realise you have forgotten your instrument, or even how to play one. But this is not a dream – it’s real. Or virtually real. Welcome to Britain’s first fully immersive, 360 degree, non-existent orchestra.

VR and the reimagining of Story – Interactive theatre – part 4


Last time I promised to talk about some kind of magical glue – a Story Master.

Dungeons & Dragons had a Dunegon Master who was in control of the story, and who would be the medium through which the players experienced his vision. And so it  would be in the case of  this VR-experience.  Each story would have to be steered by a controlling idea. The over arching concept. What is the story about? What are we trying to convey to the participant, despite the boundless freedom given by this kind of interactive experience/story.