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We see devices get smaller and smaller hardware-wise. Take a look at the first computer: We need a room with 2.4m × 0.9m × 30m in size, at least, to own the computer. But see what’s happening years, years later: Every office, every school, every laboratory own PCs, perfectly fit in a small cubicle. Even more, everybody has a laptop at their houses. Things get even crazier today, as we bring a computer everywhere in our pocket — yes, I’m referring to a smartphone.

The Race to Make Virtual Reality an Actual (Business) Reality

In mid-April, virtual reality passed a milestone. Using an app created by a company called Medical Realities, viewers from around the globe, each presumably with an iron constitution, witnessed a surgeon at the Royal London NHS Hospital delve into the bowels of a 70-year-old cancer patient. If that sounds like a Nova special, it was so much more. Doctors, medical students, and the merely curious experienced the operation in real time, with 360-degree control over their vantage points, as though they were actually in the operating room.

A Chip Revolution Will Bring Better VR Sooner Than You Think

DAVID KOSSLYN AND Ian Thompson are the founders of a virtual reality company called Angle Technologies. Two years into this stealth project, backed by $8 million in funding, they won’t say much about the virtual world they’re building—at least not publicly. But they will say that they’re building it in a way that alters the relationship between computer hardware and software. When a PC or a game console runs this virtual world, the GPU chips play an unexpectedly large role, taking so much of the burden off the main processor.

I played the ridiculous and delightful new ‘Rick and Morty’ game — here’s what it was like

As a devout “Rick and Morty” superfan, I’m often an evangelist. “You haven’t seen ‘Rick and Morty’? How lucky you are to get to experience it for the first time, totally fresh!” I might say. It’s one of those shows — like “Arrested Development,” or “Community,” or “Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!” — where it’s almost as famous for its cult following as it is for the show itself.

The Medium is the Divine Message: Religion Meets Virtual Reality

Anyone looking to experience God in a brand new way will soon have his or her chance — virtually. Believe VR, is a new immersive faith-based virtual reality experience for people of color. The experience is part of a larger project created by L. Michelle Media called Mission VR. “The idea for Believe VR came from our passion to enhance current Christian programming options,” L. Michelle Salvant, the company’s founder, told NBCBLK. “When Mission VR began, we knew we wanted to create a signature virtual reality environment – a faith world of sorts – where dynamic, never before seen, Christian lifestyle stories and experiences could have a home.”

VRScientist v1.0

There are very few standards in the VR industry at the moment. For now, there’s a ton of guesswork and eyeballing. For example, do you know what your target Field of View should be for a VR movie? Don’t worry about it! From our tests, no one else does, either. Every headset is a little different.

This is Part 2 of our three-part series looking at how to create content in 360 degrees, using the Ricoh Theta S as a specific example. Some of this will be germane to the Theta S, but you can extrapolate a great deal, including best practices for shooting, editing, and sharing. In Part 1, we discussed how to shoot with the camera. Below, we look at the editing and production process.

How to hire VR developer: Skills and places to look for

With the release of major VR headsets Virtual Reality’s potential in entertainment and science has been finally uncovered. And the labor behind hundreds of constantly emerging projects falls on shoulders of VR developer. This is a new breed of programmers of high demand. How to hire VR developer is a teaser that hasn’t been fully solved yet. But let’s try.

Real-world photo comparison: 2017 Samsung Gear 360 vs. Ricoh Theta S

The Ricoh Theta S is currently the most popular 360 camera on the market by a very wide margin (even if you only look at recent sales and not historic sales). The Ricoh Theta S was released in 2015 but remains one of my favorite 360 cameras for 360 photos. It has the best manual controls, the best stitching among 360 cameras, and it’s easy to hold and use. However, it has low resolution videos (1920 x 960).

Animation In A VR World: How Is It Different and How Is It The Same?

Whether you believe the hype or not, virtual reality is here. Billions of dollars are being spent on vr headset development, vr content creation, and getting users to adopt the technology.


Virtual reality: Is this really how we will all watch TV in years to come?

Virtual reality (VR) technology secured its place in popular culture through films such as The Lawnmower Man and The Matrix, as well as books such as Ready Player One, which Steven Spielberg is adapting for a movie. They presented visions of technology whereby strapping on a VR headset (or, as in The Matrix, being imprisoned in pods and hooked up to a computer network by human-farming machines) enabled people to explore virtual, computer-generated worlds.


Virtual Reality is being used in classrooms now more than ever. One quarter of the schools are already using VR, and this number is continuing to grow. While most teachers are aware of VR, over three quarters of teachers have never used it in a school environment before and many agree that VR would definitely be a benefit in subjects such as science, history, and the arts and design. In science, students can use Anatomy 4D apps to dissect animals, instead of using real animals. There are even applications to enhance students’ creativity, saving already struggling school art budgets from needing to purchase art supplies.

Cannabis Coupled With Virtual Reality Creates Elevated Gaming Experience

Smoking weed and playing video games is a time-honored tradition. From Seth Rogen toking and toggling in nearly every bromance movie to High Times releasing a list last year of the 22 greatest stoner video games of all time, these two sedentary activities are a perfect match.

Marketing with influencers in VR

So how can influencer marketing successfully coincide with VR content? This can be explored with the unprecedented possibilities VR comes with and the influencer’s ability to creatively relay a brand’s identity and vertical.

Top Virtual Reality Companies in Healthcare

On the Vive’s first birthday, the VR conversation is getting calmer

One year ago today, HTC released the Vive virtual reality headset, marking a turning point for virtual reality. The Vive wasn’t the first commercial VR headset, or even the first commercial high-end headset. But besides the simple Google Cardboard, it was the first major headset released without help from Oculus, proving VR didn’t belong to any one company. It was also the first one to come with sophisticated motion controls, ushering in a completely new class of experiences. In some ways, the Vive’s launch was the moment that VR began feeling like a real industry, rather than a Facebook-backed passion project. A year later, that optimism has turned into something more mature, but less visible.

360 journalism: The solutions we need

I’m on a plane heading to an assignment in South Carolina. I’m caught up on my podcasts and am avoiding reading yet another politics book I regretfully carried on board. With nothing else to do high above ground, I can’t escape fact that I have yet to draft a proposal for the Journalism 360 Challenge. I’m sure you’ve heard that the Knight Foundation, Google News Lab and the Online News Association have partnered to fund ideas that aim to “advance the collective understanding” of forms and approaches to immersive storytelling (deadline is April 10). Praise be to the merciful humans who run these organizations.

Binge on virtual reality with HTC Vive’s ‘Netflix for VR’

Just a week after the one-year anniversary of the Oculus Rift’s consumer debut, the HTC Vive is celebrating a similar birthday with the launch of its Viveport subscription service. The easiest way to describe the service is as Netflix for VR. It could save you money if you’re currently spending a ton of cash on new games each month.

VRgluv Brings 1st Force Feedback Haptic Glove to VR

What do you get when you lock a team of product engineers and “VR freaks” in a dark, Atlanta warehouse with a 3D printer for a prolonged period of time? – I know, it sounds like the beginning of a bad (/weird?) joke—but it turns out you get something pretty extraordinary. Enter VRgluv, the brainchild of this 3-month-long Atlanta warehouse project, and the first haptic glove advanced enough (and sexy enough) to be worthy of a VR headset’s time.

360 production tips – how to light a shoot

I hear far to often that “you can’t light in 360 content”. It’s absolute rubbish, you can, and where possible you should! This 360 production tips post tells you how we approach lighting in 360 scenes at Visualise, some of the tricks we use and should dispel some of the smoke and mirrors that abound! Our DOP Jonathan Curran spearheads the lighting on our shoots and has contributed to the techniques below.



VR Storytelling Lessons with Adam Cosco, One of VR’s Early Auteurs

I first encountered Cosco at VRTO last summer, where Knives was on debut. From the opening scene, I knew this was a different kind of immersive film than I’d seen—one that gleefully ditched convention and the existing tenets people believed about 360° filmmaking at the time. There were jump cuts, POV shots, tracks, pans, circular dolly shots. It established its own storytelling grammar, one that unfolds around viewers in a way unique to immersion—inviting participation while simultaneously preserving Cosco’s directorial vision.

Why hasn’t VR taken off?

Why hasn’t VR taken off yet? For all the hype and buzz there has been little traction. Despite last year’s prognostications of significant adoption, we’re not seeing VR take off broadly outside of mobile. There are plenty of contributing factors, but some of the biggest are cost, content, and a lack of satisfying interaction patterns across multiple platforms.

Interaction vs. Immersion: The Challenges of Mobile VR

There is a difference between interaction and immersion.  It’s something that I’m learning in theatre, and now it’s something that I’m coming to understand in regards to virtual reality (VR). I see the debates between 3DOF (3 degrees of freedom) vs. 6DOF (6 degrees of freedom) and what constitutes as a “real” VR experience.

Tech pioneer Tony Parisi wants VR to change the world

Tony Parisi helped pioneer virtual reality when he worked on the Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML), a tool for creating 3D environments on the web, with Mark Pesce back in 1994. Now he serves as head of AR/VR strategy at game engine maker Unity Technologies, and he talked today about his hopes and fears about VR in an opening talk at the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Association (SVVR) event in San Jose, California.

Google Reveals Hyper-Immersive Haptic Feedback System For Virtual Reality

Google shocked the tech world with the April 1 announcement of yet another landmark achievement in the emerging field of virtual reality. Google’s VR team brought immersive experiences to the masses with Cardboard. It built upon that initial success with more advanced headsets such as Daydream and groundbreaking platforms like Tango. Today, Google is changing the game for VR yet again. From this point forward nothing will ever be the same.

My on-set 360 setup — Feb 2017

Just in case anyone is interested— here’s the current setup I like to shoot with. There are three distinct pieces to the setup — but every single one is wireless and independent.

Wrap: Virtual reality at MIPDoc and MIPFormats 2017

Virtual reality is going to be a big theme throughout this year’s MIPTV conference, but MIPDoc and MIPFormats got the VR ball rolling this weekend. Starting with a State of the Market session, helmed by StoryTech Immersive‘s Brian Seth Hurst, and featuring (left to right) Okio Studio‘s Raphaël Beaugrand, Virtual Content Group‘s Torsten Hoffman and BeVRR‘s Ellie Ngim.

10 Best Uses Of Virtual Reality In Marketing (Updated)

How do I find VR Marketing strategies that actually work? Well, today we’re going to make it easy for you. All you need to do is carve out a few minutes of your day and look over the 10 Best Uses Of Virtual Reality In Marketing.

Shoot Killer Virtual Reality Films With These 5 Cameras

There are plenty of virtual reality games letting people soar like eagles and films surrounding you with Cirque du Soleil’s acrobats. But the opportunities for people creating their own virtual reality home movies has been limited.

Teacher-Led VR Learning with Nearpod – Show 13

Founded in 2012, Nearpod has become a mainstay in modern classrooms. The platform allows teachers to create and share interactive digital content across mobile devices and web browsers. It supports all standard forms of digital content (images, video, text, etc.) and offers polling, quizzing, memory games and more advanced features as well. Best of all, the platform itself is free to use. Lesson plans and pro-level content can be purchased on an as-needed basis, usually for just a couple of bucks.


We recently made some updates to the Contributor Agreement that all 360Cities contributing photographers agree to when they create their account. The updated agreement is now in effect, replaces the previous agreement, and applies to all 360Cities contributors. You can review the updated text here.


Part 2 of the agreement covers specifics of the various 360Cities account types;
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Part 5 covers royalty payments from to you when your images or videos are licensed either by us to our licensing customers, or by our distribution partner, Getty Images.

It may also be of interest for contributors to review our Content License Agreement, which defines the terms of use for 360Cities licensed content and applies to all transactions where 360Cities licenses your images to third party companies.

Finally, you can find links to all legal agreements, including our privacy policy and website terms of use, here.
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Mixing Reality

The idea of virtual reality (VR) may have been around as far back as 1935, but it’s really in the past couple of years — with the growth of affordable headsets — that it’s come into its own. In 2017, a flurry of virtual reality experiences will be launched by artists, filmmakers, designers and even new VR focused creative studios.

Mathematicians Create Warped Worlds in Virtual Reality

“It feels like the entire universe is within a sphere that is maybe within a couple meters’ radius,” says topologist Henry Segerman at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater. He is describing, not an LSD trip, but his experience of exploring a curved universe in which the ordinary rules of geometry do not apply.

Experts set to meet with fed government about need for VR ethics, more research

Virtual worlds are coming for humanity and a group of researchers and technologists wants to make sure we’re ready when they arrive. Next week, three top researchers in virtual reality, augmented reality and body computing are having an informal meeting with members of a government regulatory agency to kick off what they hope will be a conversation about the potential dangers of immersive technology and the need for more studies into the impact they might have on people.

VR in 2017: making it real

It will be the year when virtual reality (VR) finally makes it real, applications will start to monetise the technology and VR technologies will become more mainstream. In 2017, look out for the 360-degree selfie, Apple’s big leap into immersive technology and multi-sensory marketing.

Bob Iger says no to virtual reality headsets at Disney parks, aims for augmented reality instead

Walt Disney Co.’s chief executive has no interest in having theme park visitors strap on virtual reality headsets that block out their view and place them inside a digital world. Smaller rivals, including Knott’s Berry Farm, SeaWorld and Six Flags, have turned to such virtual reality experiences as an affordable way to spice up rides, but Disney CEO Bob Iger said reality-destroying headsets would be “ersatz” at his stable of parks. He’s ordered his team not to even think about it.

Methods of Analyzing Your VR Experience

I believe every creation has a potential for offering learning experiences. Which could be unfold primarily by its creators, subsequently their community and finally all the other homo sapiens. Especially when we talk about VR as the most phenomenal subset of technology. The intense load of cognition/emotion that is triggered in the user’s body and mind needs to be analyzed.

When will VR Become Indistinguishable from Reality?

I bet the thought of TRUE VR has creeped in your mind at least once or twice. I’m defining “TRUE VR” as a virtual world that is indistinguishable from reality. 
I get asked this question so often. At events, conferences, online on forums, websites etc.


The Z CAM S1 is a four-lens, 360° camera that creates interactive, spherical panoramic videos. It’s available from the camera’s Indiegogo page, but not yet from retail outlets. The camera is impressive, with very clean stitching and output up to 6K. It costs US $2499, not including a few essentials like batteries, SD cards, and stitching software. This is a basic introduction to the camera; I plan to post another article after I’ve had a chance to shoot with this.

VR Porn Experiences: What to expect ?

One of the great innovations of the last years is the Virtual Reality Porn, an advanced technology that allows the vision and creation of porn movies in 3D, the so-called 3D Virtual Reality Porn.

Volumetric capture is the swift kick in the butt VR so desperately needs

As has become standard at my job, I recently strapped on a virtual reality headset to go somewhere far, far away. On this day, it was a trip to outer space, with pit stops on a moon’s surface and a sci-fi-styled briefing room, to hear about future expeditions to Mars.


Why VR vs. AR is an obsolete argument

Over the past year, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology have become hot topics, particularly when it comes to how they stack up against each other. Enthusiastic publications are treating these two as fiercely competitive technologies, while in fact, it’s much more likely there will be a place for both in our future.

The best free games for Oculus Rift (with Vive ‘Hack’)

What now? You can’t just hang out in the Oculus Home all day. Well maybe you can, it is rather beautiful in there. But there’s no sense in missing all the awesome experiences. While the Oculus store has an excellent catalog nowadays you will also want to download and set up Steam VR. Steam has a bigger list of apps and games, but as usual there’s a lot of junk. There are even some titles on Steam that claim to support Oculus and/or Touch but are so buggy they hardly work at all. Make sure you check out reviews before buying anything. In case you missed it , our Setup the Oculus Rift Guide has instructions on setting up Steam VR.

Law, virtual reality, and augmented reality

Stanford law professor Mark A. Lemley and I have just finished a draft of a new article, “Law, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality.” It’s still early days in the development of commercial VR and AR, and even more so in the law of each. But we think that the shape of the technology is clear enough to speculate about the legal issues that are likely to arise. Plus, selfishly, we’d like to get in on the ground floor of something that’s going to be big — and we’re sure that VR and AR will indeed be big.

Surgeon Simulator Experience Reality: I just don’t have the heart for it..

Have you ever wanted to be knee deep in Eyeballs? Spit out somebody else their teeth? No? Well you are missing out buddy. Bossa Studios released the Virtual Reality version of there game Surgeon Simulator. “But wait, They did that Last year!” why yes they did! But back then the game was not really fun to play, not for me anyway. The controls were not really optimized and in the end it could get a little frustrating that you were not able to cut someones eye out with a bone saw that effectively. I was a bit busy this and last month so I was not able to test out the new patch they brought out.

That’s Powerful: GE Is Using Virtual Reality To Train Nuclear Engineers

Few places in the world are more secure than a nuclear power plant in France. Anyone who doesn’t work there full time, including maintenance engineers and field technicians, needs to get a security clearance and to complete rigorous safety training before they can step inside.

Virtual reality needs to solve problems, NOT be the problem

Virtual reality will sell beyond gaming and technology markets if it solves problems. It will not sell if it creates them. After a few spectacular failures in a professional distribution of VR, film and tech enthusiasts from Denmark and Poland got the point and now jointly launch a unique pop-up VR cinema at CPH:DOX film festival in Copenhagen.

Privacy in VR Is Complicated and It’ll Take the Entire VR Community to Figure It Out

When I was at the GDC VR Mixer, Jim Preston struck up a conversation about his concerns about privacy in VR. He works at FOVE which is making a VR headset with eye-tracking, but wanted to speak to me on his own behalf about some of the deeper philosophical questions and conceptual frameworks around the types of intimate data that will become available to VR headsets. As more and more biometric data streams are integrated into VR there a lot of complicated and complex ethical questions that he thinks will take the entire VR community needs to figure out.

The struggle to adapt storytelling for virtual reality

Storytelling in virtual reality has yet to take shape. While the simulated world of gaming has proved the visual capabilities of the medium, few have taken a crack at the art of building a compelling narrative.

Are You Talking to Me? – My Problem With AR Headsets

I work on the third floor of an office with three other developers. It is a fun group of guys, and it is not uncommon for us to kick out some great tunes, or spark up awesome conversations about whatever tech news is hot that day. We aren’t a rowdy bunch, but occasionally the folks on the first and second floors have to come up and tell us to keep it down.

How YouTube Is Making Virtual Reality Look Better

YouTube has developed what it hopes can become a new industry standard that makes 360-degree videos look better and perform more efficiently. The technological update, which YouTube and Google’s internal Daydream virtual reality team have already implemented for displaying 360-degree videos on Android devices, was created to address a problem that would be familiar to anyone who’s ever tried to lay out a spherical object on a rectangle. Think: showing the Earth on a rectangular map, which vastly distorts the size of various continents.


How YouTube Is Making Virtual Reality Look Better

YouTube has developed what it hopes can become a new industry standard that makes 360-degree videos look better and perform more efficiently. The technological update, which YouTube and Google’s internal Daydream virtual reality team have already implemented for displaying 360-degree videos on Android devices, was created to address a problem that would be familiar to anyone who’s ever tried to lay out a spherical object on a rectangle. Think: showing the Earth on a rectangular map, which vastly distorts the size of various continents.

Leap Motion’s New 180-degree Hand-tracking Comes to Qualcomm’s Latest VRDK Headset

Qualcomm has debuted an updated version of their VR Headset Reference Design now with Leap Motion’s new 180-degree hand-tracking to bring gesture control to mobile VR headsets. The new headset and Leap Motion tracking module was shown off during last week’s GDC 2017.

Are You Talking to Me? – My Problem With AR Headsets

I work on the third floor of an office with three other developers. It is a fun group of guys, and it is not uncommon for us to kick out some great tunes, or spark up awesome conversations about whatever tech news is hot that day. We aren’t a rowdy bunch, but occasionally the folks on the first and second floors have to come up and tell us to keep it down.


The competition of VR platform is getting heat this week. Facebook released its first VR app. CNN launched its VR platform. Vimeo comes to the party of 360 content. And…

How Filmmakers Are Solving VR’s Biggest Problem: Adoption

Last week, I outlined ways that VR can avoid failing in 2017 but with SXSW happening this week, I was inspired to delve deeper into the driving force for Virtual Reality’s current adoption.

How Brands Use Facebook 360 Video (And Why You Should Too)

As managing director of video marketing strategy agency, Hurricane, I have over 20 years’ experience creating engaging content, first for the BBC, and now for leading brands maximizing the opportunities of social media. In my opinion, now is the time to get ahead of the competition and add 360 degree content to your video strategy.

Psychologists Use VR to Test Whether You’ll Save Someone’s Life

Imagine you’re in your school or office when the fire alarm goes off. You snake your way through the corridors, avoiding explosions and walking through clouds of black smoke. All the while, the alarm bells continue to blare in your ears. Your vision narrows as your body gets weak from the smoke and the physical exertion. Just when you feel like you’re about to collapse, you see someone trapped under a fallen piece of debris. He desperately begs for you to help him. What do you do?

Top 10 Most Viewed 360 Videos of February 2017

March is here, you know what that means! It’s time for us to bring you yet another list of this month’s most viewed 360 degree videos. From horrifying experiences that will put you into a paranormal state of fright to gorgeous Venezuelan waterfalls, you’re in for a treat this time around so we hope you’ve come prepared with some kind of VR gear. So strap in your HTC Vive, boot up that Oculus Rift, and power on your GearVR – it’s time for the 10 most viewed 360 videos of February 2017!

Introduction to Virtual Reality

Welcome to the future, Virtual Reality is here and it works. Hooray! Unfortunately, you need a computer from the future just to be able to use it.

Microsoft HoloLens Takes Michael Abrash Too Literally?

When Michael Abrash moved from Intel to Valve, according to his post on the latter company’s blog, he suggested that he should help optimize Portal 2. The response from Jay Stelly was interesting: “Yeah, you could do that, but we’ll get it shipped anyway.” That’s… not something you’d expect from a company that is getting ready to ship a huge, AAA title.


A Virtual Reality Documentary Sheds Light on Mental Illness

When Francis, a teacher from the African nation of Ghana, suffered a mental health crisis, his family and friends didn’t know how to help. In his small village, they only knew of one solution: to lock him away until his madness subsided.

How virtual reality is changing engineering

Far from being a technology of the future, virtual reality is now well established in multiple industries and sectors, ranging from entertainment, communications and education to design, scientific research and defence. Professor Anthony Steed, from the Virtual Environments and Computer Graphics group at UCL, explores how three companies are using immersive technologies to transform their engineering processes.

Patagonia and Google look to defend public lands with stunning VR film series

The Bears Ears region in southeastern Utah has many claims to fame. It’s the sacred home to five Native American tribes, a popular spot for rock climbers and outdoor enthusiasts from around the U.S., and the location of tens of thousands of archaeological sites.

Augmented reality: The Future of Virtual Technology

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the hot trending talk in the tech ecosystem. TechGiants are promising advancement and investors are gushing capital into the place. Facebook acquired Oculus for $2 billion in 2014. Internet Giant, Google has been showcasing its G-Glass since 2012 and continues to invest in Glass, contrary to widespread belief. Microsoft, Samsung, Toshiba and Sony have proclaimed their own smart glasses. Nearly every major TechGiants in Silicon Valley invested in Magic Leap, and the emerging players such as Atheer, Recon, Vuzix, Epson, Meta, Optinvent, ODG, and others are also developing smart glasses. The Space is on fire.

100 demos, 50 pitches, and a year with AR and VR: What we’ve learned

We received our first market-ready VR headset at Madrona almost one year ago now, and since then, we have done VR (Vive and Rift) and AR (HoloLens) demos for over 100 people who have stopped by our office to check out the next big computing platform. We have done demos for kids, parents, grandparents, pro football players, elected officials, company executives, gaming enthusiasts, people who never game, and people all over the spectrum from skeptical to extremely excited about VR. We have also participated in over 50 unique VR/AR demos from companies pitching Madrona.

Valve, SMI and Tobii Preview VR’s Eye Tracking Future In HTC Vive

Over the last week we learned that by spending essentially $300 to purchase three Vive Trackers, you will be able to bring your legs, feet and torso into VR — so you can kick a dinosaur in the face without even looking at it. Dinosaur kicking for $300 is certainly funny, but it’s also a great example of a broad effort by developers and hardware manufacturers to make virtual worlds more responsive to human behavior. Another is more robust hand and finger tracking, so the incredible variety of quick and precise movements in your hands are accurately represented in a virtual world. Still another example is eye tracking, and we’ve seen demonstrations from both Tobii and SMI in the HTC Vive offering a glimpse of how much better future VR systems will be at understanding our behavior.

Zero Latency 2.0: New Levels In Virtual Reality

When I tried it in mid-2015, I was blown away by Zero Latency’s immersive virtual reality — completely wireless, free roaming, warehouse-sized VR, built in Melbourne. Almost two years on, the fundamentals are the same, but the Zero Latency experience is more refined than it has ever been. And that means new things are possible.

Deus Ex director Warren Spector has harsh words for virtual reality and more

Today at the Game Developers Conference, industry heavyweight Warren Spector hosted a post mortem on the making of Deus Ex, arguably his most beloved game. While Spector’s talk featured a lot of insights into the lengthy development process for Deus Ex and what he did right and wrong, he also offered some thoughts on current game development trends, often in response to audience questions.

5 Steve Jobs Methods to Avoid VR’s Failure in 2017

Last week, I was inspired to find ways to make VR mainstream after reading Cody Brown’s article on Oculus’ failure to sell VR. The Best Buy poster made me reflect on which Oculus advertisements I remember best. There’s two:
The fake-looking butterfly photo
The woman in a headset staring at an Intel logo

The Mill’s incredible Blackbird at GDC : The future of Virtual Production

Filming cars was never going to be same again, after The Mill introduced the Blackbird. Their car invention was truly an incredible cutting edge production tool. It addressed a fundamental problem: automotive car availability on location. But when filming with the Blackbird, the problem was trying to make decisions creatively without the actual target car visible on set…


Oscar nominee Patrick Osborne on Pearl: ‘I wish I could make every film in VR first’

Google’s Spotlight Story program has come a long way since Windy Day landed on Moto X phones in 2013. Since then, the company has consistently produced short films to take advantage of smartphone hardware. In 2015, the company worked with former Disney animator Glen Keane to produce the lyrical Duet, and later signed Fast and Furious director Justin Lin for the live-action monster movie Help!. Each effort has pushed the envelope in one way or another, all in order to move stories told in 360 degrees forward.


Every new step of video gaming, surely even back to the advent of Pong, carries with it at least pinch of anxiety for the board gaming set. Will this be the flashy gadget that totally lures everybody away from the tabletop? Who’s going to be satisfied with a box full of cards and pieces when there’s this flashy console with so much processing power?

UK hospital uses VR to ease kids’ nerves before an MRI

Magnetic resonance imaging, most common known as an MRI for short, can be a frightening experience, especially for kids. The process involves lying down on a narrow bed, sliding into the middle of a donut-shaped machine, and being bombarded by loud banging noises as the machine goes to work. To help ease children’s nerves before their first MRI, a hospital in the United Kingdom has developed a virtual reality app for kids to watch and prepare themselves for their procedure.

This VR Startup Facebook Acquired for $2 Billion is Facing Complete Shutdown

Oculus, a $2 billion acquisition that Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook made almost three years ago, has landed the global giant in a huge mess now. A while ago, popular video game publisher ZeniMax, which is best known in the market as the owner of Fallout and Skyrim developer Bethesda Softworks, filed a lawsuit against Oculus accusing it of using copyrighted ZeniMax technology without permission.

Shovelware for VR Is A Good Thing (For Now)

I had the pleasure of spending some quality time with the amazingly talented indie dev community at the Monthly Seattle VR Meetup last night. As a co founder of this Meetup group, I am excited each month to gather with so many passionate individuals with an evening intended to push VR to its highest potential, and to welcome newcomers to the community with open arms. This month’s meetup focused on art and VR creation tools such as Tilt Brush and Oculus Medium. We had multiple workstations set up and lines of people eagerly waiting to show off their artistic skills on a digital canvas.

Technicolor Launches Virtual and Augmented Reality-Focused Sound Lab

Technicolor’s new immersive audio unit, dubbed The Sound Lab at Technicolor, is up and running at its Burbank headquarters. It will also use space at the company’s Technicolor at Paramount sound facility and work closely with its Technicolor Experience Center.


Тhe room looks like an office cubicle from the future, and I’m seated in what appears to be an ordinary lounge chair. Strapped to my head is an HTC Vive VR headset and a pair of headphones. But this seemingly non-descript bit of furniture has some tricks up its sleeve. Designed by a company called D-Box, it’s fitted with moving hinges to jolt and rattle your body — and it’s about to catapult me into another world.

Android’s next destination: Untethered VR headsets with the Snapdragon 835

What is Android’s next destination? Thanks to Qualcomm, it’s going to be used in untethered VR headsets. Google’s plan for VR headsets currently revolves around Daydream, in which smartphones are slotted into headsets like DayDream View. But VR’s future appears to be in untethered head-mounted displays, which are self-contained computers. These headsets don’t need to be hooked up to smartphones or computers to roam VR worlds.

Fifty Shades Darker Encoding Showdown

We worked closely with 5th Wall Agency, the producers of the Fifty Shades Darker: The Masquerade Ball VR experience, to help them create a Headjack-powered app for Gear VR. To maximize eyeballs, Universal Pictures spread this spicy piece of VR content to nearly every outlet possible. From YouTube and Facebook, to Jaunt and Samsung VR, and even an embedded VR player on This offers a unique chance to compare the encoding quality of all these platforms!

Blueprint Reality’s MixCast tool lets you broadcast from virtual reality

Blueprint Reality is launching a tool dubbed MixCast VR that lets both game developers and consumers create their own mixed reality videos from within VR. The Vancouver, Canada-based company recently released its first title, the Awaken VR puzzle game, on the HTC Vive VR headset. And now it is releasing one of the tools that it used to build that game.



Virtual reality has potential to add new dimensions to marketing

Is virtual reality the next big thing in marketing and advertising or are its advocates due for a painful dose of true reality? 
Virtual reality (VR) is the computer- and camera- generated creation of a seemingly real, three-dimensional experience using electronic equipment, such as a helmet or goggles containing a screen. In some instances, for example by using gloves with sensors, it’s possible to manipulate objects and perform actions in this simulated world.

Domaining in the Virtual Reality Space: VR Domain Investments

If you have been watching lots of Hollywood movies, you must assume that virtual reality has been around for the past 40 or 50 years! However, in spite of all the technological advancements, movies and books over the years on the subject of virtuality, true immersive and high quality virtual reality only arrived in 2016!

The eSight 3 is an augmented reality headset designed to help the legally blind see

At first glance, eSight’s headsets look a lot like any other VR or AR gear out there. But while most virtual reality systems are built to make digital worlds more realistic, the eSight aims to do just the opposite, using augmented reality headsets and digital technology to help bring the real world to individuals who are legally blind.

Why VR Analytics is Important ?

Analytics for apps or websites currently do a great job of letting you know the problem. They can assimilate the information about the user’s journey. How long were they using the content, how far ahead were they and when did they stop using it. However, it still begs a basic question, why did they drop off? We are left guessing and making the most probable conclusion.


Only 8% of marketers are currently using VR marketing, but the results? Phenomenal. A little flashback. Years ago, some business felt like they didn’t need a web page because they thought it wasn’t important. See what’s happening today. If your business doesn’t have a web page, it’s like you’re missing a big part of your business. Now, a new technology has finally arrived, and it’s called VR. Don’t want to repeat the same mistakes, some companies, such as McD, Volvo, The New York Times, Thomas Cook, Virgin Holiday, have finally adapted VR marketing into their business.

Beaming the ‘Matrix’ into Your Eyes: Otoy CEO on the Future of Real-time Lightfield Rendering

At Unity’s Unite keynote in November, Otoy’s Jules Urbach announced that their Octane Renderer was going to be built into Unity to bake light field scenes. But this is also setting up the potential for real-time ray tracing of light fields using application-specific integrated circuits from PowerVR, which Urbach says that with 120W could render out up to 6 billion rays per second. Combining this PowerVR ASIC with foveated rendering and Otoy’s Octane renderer built into Unity provides a technological roadmap for being able to produce a photorealistic quality that will be like beaming the Matrix into your eyes.

Share HoloLens Holograms With Microsoft Spectator View Cam

Stepping into a virtual or augmented reality is a wholly singular experience; no two people will follow the exact same path. Which is great if you’re hawking a video game or interactive movie.

This Augmented Reality App Tells Indigenous Stories in Canadian Cities

Adrian Duke showed me his phone while we stood outside Vancouver’s Skwachàys Lodge. An animated raven popped up to tell me the story behind this boutique hotel, which houses Indigenous artists and their works. The raven was modelled on a commissioned painting by Garnet Tobacco, whose other paintings are on display inside the gallery.

Let’s turn off Magic Leap’s mixed-reality hype machine

There is vaporware and then there’s oh-shut-up-and-just-release-the-damn-product-ware. The latter is what many have come to think of when the name Magic Leap is mentioned. And with good reason. Founded back in 2011, the hype train for what many believe is an augmented reality headset or glasses company left the station around 2014. Since then, the company has racked up investments from the likes of Google and others amounting to over $1 billion, as well as tantalizing testimonials from high-profile names who have tried the technology and have indicated that it’s so impressive it may change computing forever.

Valve ‘comfortable’ if virtual reality headsets fail

Gabe Newell, head of the game studio, made the statement in an interview with news site Polygon.
Valve is co-developer of the Vive VR headset with phone firm HTC.
Mr Newell said, so far, interest in the technology was in line with its expectations and that some VR games had already sold well.