In our continued effort to promote communication throughout the 360Cities community, we’ve just launched something new.

As of today, it is possible for you to receive an email notification when a first comment is made to any of your panoramas. By opting in, you will avoid missing comments made to your panos.

And here’s how you opt in:

– Log into your account.

– Account > Settings > Email

– Check the box: ” Receive a Disqus notification the first time someone comments on any of my panos.”


You’ll receive a Disqus notification email that allows you to choose your personal settings from your Disqus account: you can choose to get a notification whenever a comment is added to any of your panoramas, get a daily or weekly report of the comments that matter to you, and subscribe to threads that you comment on.



So now you are notified about notifications – ENJOY!

The 360Cities Team


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    It is nice