360° panorama by Martin Maroušek.
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The three crosses were erected as a symbol of gratitude by someone that had been healed in 1859. Endemite cerastium alsinifolium grows here and is not found anywhere else in the world. For this reason, entrance into the territory of the reservation is strictly prohibited.Protection of the Tři Křížky, at an altitude of 817 meters, was declared in 1962. The entire area is part of a serpentinite area, the largest in Bohemia, to which other forests of the Slavkovský Forest National Natural Preserve belong: Pluhův bor, Dominova skalka and Vlček. They were declared national natural parks mostly due to the occurrence of unique plant species.More info:http://www.marianskelazne.cz/en/marianske-lazne/landscape-and-surroundings/protected-areas/national-natural-sites-reserves/tri-krizky-three-crosses