Hi guys! Long time no see, but you can be sure we’re back with the summary of the most beautiful panos of the week! This time – a little bit longer summary than usually.

This Monday we’ll have a look at the most special places on the planet again – and we can’t even describe how happy we are our photographers were there.

Today, we start in Japan with two magnificent panos by Kiyoharu Takamura and Bibouroku Tabito.


Ooishi park in twilight by kiyoharu takamura (click the picture to open the pano)

The Oishi Park in Japan is an ideal spot for taking photos of Mt. Fuji, together with lovely flowers growing all around. Kiyoharu did just that and it worked out perfectly.


Coming of Autumn of abolished line alley by bibouroku tabito (click the picture to open the pano)

On our second pano from Japan, Bibouroku Tabito took unbelieveably colourful picture of abandoned train tracks heading into a tunnel – which may sound like it’s from a horror movie, but you don’t have to be afraid. The colours make the pano look so cheerful! Have a look yourself!


Mastio di Matilde – Livorno by Stefano Gelli (click the picture to open the pano)

Is it even possible to make a weekly summary without a quality aerial pano? We don’t think so, because they’re awesome – like this one by Stefano Gelli. Even though it’s a bit overcast in Livorno, the pano makes the city look so quiet!


Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge in Winter by Marek Kosiba (click the picture to open the pano)

Taking pictures of animals is always a bit difficult, especially when the photos are panoramic. However, Marek managed to take a spectacular shot of ducks leaving to a faraway place (maybe?) and the pano looks amazing. Check it out!


Lava Flow on Chain Of Craters Road by Marek Kosiba (click the picture to open the pano)

Here’s another one by Marek – this time from Hawaii. This seriously is a thing you don’t get to see every day. Unbelieveable shapes of the lava flow looks absolutely beautiful – you just don’t want to be there when it’s hot!


Wait! We’re not done yet – there’s much more places you can visit through the panos our community photographers uploaded!

Check them out – Let’s start in Germany (in Baden-Wuerttemberg or Bremen). Or other European places – Finland, Poland, Russia, Romania, Italy (or Tuscany here). We have a couple of French panos as well – from Strasbourg, or Pezenas. We’re certain you don’t want to miss other panos from Turkey (there are also two more from Phrygia – here and here, or other two from Cappadocia here and here).

You know what? Let’s head out of Europe. Thanks to our panos, you can check out Sannur Cave Circle, The Falcon headed Horus or the Chamber of Khonsu in Egypt. Why not check out panos from Seoul and Havana?

Well, that was A LOT of panos! Hopefully enough to keep you busy until next time. See you!