We are proud to announce that the 360Cities app is has just been launched for Windows 8 phones.

Just go to the Windows Phone Store and search for 360Cities, and download the app for free. After the installation, you will be able to spend hours seeing the most amazing 360Cities panoramas.


Do you have a swivel chair? It might be a good idea to get one. Why? The 360Cities app has a motion-sensitive panorama viewer that allows you to move around in the interactive panoramas just by moving your Windows 8 phone.

And there are more features you will find useful too:

– View the best, most popular, most recent and nearest panoramas to your current location.

Comment on panoramas and read what others have to say about them.

Save all your favorite panoramas in your account, so you can easily find your desired pano later on (ideal if you plan to travel somewhere).

Search for panoramas anywhere in the 360Cities World Map: take a virtual tour of pretty places and travel from city to city with ease.



In addition, 360Cities panoramas are also part of the Windows 8 Travel app and some of the best images from 360Cities are featured on Bing.com homepage from time to time. We’re proud that 360Cities content lives in the Windows ecosystem and can be viewed by users of the new version of our app,  Windows, Bing.com.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Windows 8 team and the 360Cities photographer community for continuing to build an awesome panoramic world.

The 360Cities Team


  1. Ayeche says:


  2. Alain says:

    I don’t get it, it’s on iPhone, now on Windows phone… what is the problem with Android ? Why don’t you have your App there too ?

  3. Denis says:

    Agree. Almost 80% of the phones and most of tablets in the world work on Android, and it keeps growing faster than any other OS. So why don’t you like it?
    We want an app for Android too!

  4. Elena Martinez says:

    Hello Alain and Denis,

    First of all, I am sorry for my late reply.

    We are currently addressing the best way to allow you to view the 360Cities panoramas on your Android devices.

  5. seb says:

    This app is not free anymore, so fak yourself