We have an announcement to all 360Cities EXPERT Members!

We have launched a new badge that will show that you are an EXPERT Member of 360Cities. The badge is displayed by your name on your profile page.

Photographer’s name  

We want to thank you for working hard on your beautiful panoramas and for making 360Cities web a beautiful window to the world.

Do you want to become an EXPERT Member? You can be an Expert if you consistently publish panoramas that meet 360Cities’ requirements.  If we see consistency in your published panoramas, we’ll make you an expert member. You can read more information at 360Cities Help Center.

Make beautiful panos and you will get the EXPERT status.


  1. Paul Emck says:

    Hi Folks,
    Intentiously, I have submitted (“veröffentlichen”) some pictures that were never meant for the public, just for colleagues and friends of mine (fun pics, children, posing…). You correctly categorized them as not apt for publication, they got the status “not selected”.
    Two questions now in this context:
    1) must I be afraid of having disqualified myself “for a long period” now and
    2) how handling that in the future? Pictures that are not actively been made public cannot be viewed by colleagues and friends.
    Other context:
    3) I added a panorama-panorama, i.e. a spherical picture from a viewing platform in which I added names to the features that could be seen (mountains, cities).
    Why was it not accepted? I thought it a good idea and would really like to see that in other panos as well. May be in a seperate category? “geographic panos”? You may explain the applied rule a bit better in “Public promotion requirements”, it says nothing clear about adding text.
    4) An idea which occurred to me already various times. Would it be nice to have the opportunity to scroll say 1.5 times through a pano into one direction and then it (can) changes the content – for example a pano from the same spot could show 2 or even all 4 seasons…


  2. Elena Martinez says:

    Hi Paul,

    1) Don’t worry :). If some of your panoramas are not selected, the only thing that would happen is that you would not receive EXPERT status: http://help.360cities.net/expert-members

    2) You can choose to upgrade your account to a PLUS or higher account, and you can enjoy the “Unlisted” feature:

    3) Drawings or computed generated images are not accepted for public display. Our public layer is a representation of the real world:

    4) Interesting suggestion. Not possible for us to implement in the foreseeable future, however.

    Thanks for the comments :).