A couple of weeks ago we started reviewing your newly uploaded panoramas to check if they promote a business or not. It was a preview of the upcoming PRO account feature we announced more than a month ago: Business panorama publishing on 360 Cities. The initial phase was used as a way for us to get feedback from you and now it’s over. Today (Monday June 14th) is the last day you can publish business panoramas for free. After this date you will need to have a PRO account to publish your business panoramas.

Just to be clear: This applies only to newly uploaded business panoramas published on 360 Cities after June 14th. Existing business panoramas uploaded on or before this date will stay published in your account and the business status won’t apply to them.

We won’t unpublish your newly uploaded business panoramas immediately after the review, at least not during the first weeks, but we will mark them as business and will ask you to either sign up for a PRO account or to unpublish them. Eventually we will start unpublishing business panoramas immediately after the review for free account holders.

Q: Do you have any examples of panoramas promoting business?
A: Yes, here are some examples.

Q: I don’t understand why one of my panos was marked as a pano that promotes a business!
You can always contact us to request a second review (please always include links to the pano in question).

Q: How does the review process work?

Each pano you publish on 360cities.net is manually reviewed. If your pano is marked as promoting a business by the review team and you have a free account, the pano is unpublished. More information

If you have any questions whatsoever feel free to ask questions below this blog post, in the forum or contact us directly.

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