Here’s some 360-degree panoramas shared and tweeted recently, worth seeing. Click the screenshots to go to respective tweets and from there the links always go directly to a 360-degree panorama.

When our Dads were little kids they rode in cars like this: Ford Model Y (1932)-roomy enough for a family of 5!

Very Cool RT @janvrsinsky: Wow, amazing 360° panorama: Turda salt mine from above

my first 360° immersive panorama

Muito legal essas fotos panoramicas (360º) do Nepal Gokyo Ri

360 Cities - Tokyo: The corner of Yomise Avenue and Yanaka Ginza Street

Criticize the Spanish conquests as much as you want but they left some pretty cool colonial architecture behind

360° panorama: batmobile parked outside sthlm hilton hotel