The Gigapixel Treasure Hunt is now finished. For those of you who missed it, we released the world’s largest 360 panorama and gave 30 clues which people had to find, and send to us. The first person to send us the highest number of correct answers wins $1000.

Here is the third and final set of clues, revealed. You can see the first set and the second set if you missed them.

21. Where you go when you need fish food
You go to a pet shop, or a pet supply shop. Google Translator sort of works for this – if you translate “pet supples” from English to Czech, you get “chovatelske”. However you can’t translate “pet shop” or “pet supply shop” into anything meaningful for some reason. Anyway, here it is:

22. Hippy czech flag
This turned out to be the single toughest clue in the whole treasure hunt. Many, many people sent in a picture of a normal Czech flag, flapping in the wind. That was in fact the original idea for this clue, until my trickster colleague, Gerardo, proposed something harder. After all, there are lots of normal flags around, but only one with a flower on it!

23. Helicopter
Most people sent in this one, which I believe is the Czech Military airport in Kbely.

This answer was my favorite. I am equal parts shocked and impressed that someone actually found this:

24 Where you can have a beer with Stelcer

A lot of people had trouble with this one. Here is the answer. The name literally means “At Stelcer’s”.

This one really was hard, because the name of the pub is “U Stelceru” which is an example of declension. The non-declined version of the word (without the ‘u’ on the end) doesn’t lend itself well to search engine algorithms.
25. A raven (or a type of crow anyway)
Again, there were a few correct answers here.

26. Pizza = mc squared
Pizza Einstein. What else?

27 W‪here God can read the time from his chair in heaven‬
Yes, this one was hard. But we did publish a hint about it. The church is the closest church to the TV Tower, but the clock is not quite visible. However, a few searches in Google Images would show you this church.

28. Vineyard
You can see the church in some of the results if you search for “Prague vineyard“.

29. This building
The giveway is the giant lettered sign on the top of the building:

30. This place
I hid the real location of this image during the contest. If you check it now, it’s placed correctly.
In case you’re curious, this is the Clinic for Acute Psychiatric Disorders. If you lost the contest, we hope you won’t have to go here. But at least you know where it is now 🙂

And the winner is….


  1. George says:

    friend of mine found the helicopter in the air too:) but he’s a pilot and knew where to look:D

  2. Simon says:

    Were there any other vineyards?

  3. Steph says:

    Yes there was one more….the wineyard belonging to a castle. And there was even another raven (from a sgraffito)

  4. Steph says:

    When are u going to announce the winner?

  5. George says:

    hopefully today, since this teasing’s driving me mad

  6. Steph says:

    I think the winner will be announced only tomorrow….i have a feeling

  7. Jiri Kepka is the Winner «360 Cities Official Blog says:

    […] About « Gigapixel Treasure Hunt – Answers (part three) […]

  8. Jenneke says:

    Oooo this was soooo much fun! So which city is next?

  9. Erica says:

    Well a drinking buddy in Prague is called “Stelcher” so I just took a shot of some other pub I saw. Didn’t know there was one actually named after it.

  10. Brian says:

    great contest …. I worked really hard just to submit 19 answers. I’m not sure I even had 12 right. An amazing photograph and an interesting use of it. Now I want to visit Prague! It seems that such a contest could really stimulate tourism at any location where they are done. Perhaps they could even be a series of normal 360s. Can you publish any numbers on how many people viewed and participated in the contest? Where will the next one be taken? Can’t wait.