Each day we’ll publish some clues – starting November 18th – and ending on November 23rd. Clues are things that you can find in the London Gigapixel. You have to find these clues, and be among the first few people to send in screenshots of these clues to an email address below. If you do, you will win an awesome bag from our favorite bag company, Crumpler. No, they didn’t pay us to say that – their bags really are awesome.

If you are interested in this treasure hunt, you might want to look into the second treasure hunt we are doing for the London Gigapixel in which you have a chance to win 27″ Fujitsu LCD panel, or a story-telling competition, in which you can win over $3000 of awesome holidays.

Here are the first three clues:

1. Fat Boy Slim’s Chair

2. Freddie Mercury

3. One of the three mechanical spiders (there are three at three different places and you need to find at least one)


Here’s the second set of clues (released November 19th):

4. Topless olympic torch

5. One leg purple, one leg green

6. Spiderman’s basement


The next set of clues (released November 22nd):

7. Washing up

8. Who you will call when you are trapped inside of a washing machine.

9. British passport.


The last clue (released November 23rd):

10. Victorian milk


Email address for submitting answers (valid only for the 1st treasure hunt, do not use it for the 2nd treasure hunt please):

360 Cities Treasure Hunt


Please don’t forget to read the official rules before you submit your answers. Ask questions here via comments or on our blog, Facebook and Twitter.

Just to repeat the most important rules:

We will pick the FIRST person in our email inbox with the MOST correct answers. So if nobody in the world knows all the answers before the deadline (30 days 11:59pm GMT, December 23, 2010) then we’ll choose the first person who sends us the highest number of correct answers.

If you send us multiple emails, you will be disqualified. Since we’ll probably have thousands of submissions, we’d like to prevent tens of thousands of unnecessary emails coming in. If you find more answers after you submit your answers, the obvious way around this rule is to send a new set of answers from a different email address. If you can’t attach 30 files in a single email, you should get a gmail account.

We will probably announce winners in January 2011. Our team will do their best to find the winner as soon as possible, but we can’t guarantee that – so please give us some time to go through those thousands of emails. Thanks for your understanding.

Happy hunting!

If you are interested in this treasure hunt, you might want to look into the second treasure hunt we are doing for the London Gigapixel in which you have a chance to win 27″ Fujitsu LCD panel, or a story-telling competition, in which you can win over $3000 of awesome holidays.

First prize: Crumpler Muffin Top Full Photo Bag

Other prizes: Two winners will receive a Muffin Top 4000 Bag

Two winners will receive Jimmy Bo 400 Cross-Shoulder or Waist Bag

Five winners will receive The PP 70 Camera/Phone Bags

Read The Official rules

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to find the items by myself or can I work with other people?
We recommend that you DO work with other people. 360Cities assumes no responsibility for intra-team arrangements and only one person (dispatcher of the winning e-mail and PayPal account holder) will be considered the winner.

If you want people to work together to find the prize, then I can’t win if I try to do it by myself?
You can win if you do it by yourself – but as they say “two heads are better than one”

How do I make a screenshot?
You can follow these instructions (both windows and mac) http://www.colorpilot.com/screen_howto.html

My email program won’t let me send that many attachments!
You can try a different email provider – Gmail for example will work.

Where do I send the answers?
We will announce the email address where to send the answers with the last set of clues.

The items are hard to find? Will you publish any hints?
Yes! We will publish hints about how to find the items via our Facebook page and on Twitter. You won’t get these hints anywhere else. So if you really want to win, we suggest you follow one of these.

You should watch our Facebook or Twitter page for updates.


  1. Marcel Blauw says:

    I was just thinking about making such a treasure hunt myself
    (actually, I already started when I noticed this one, lol).
    I’m looking forward to it, just for fun, and who knows.

    Yours sincerely,

    Marcel Blauw

  2. Vince says:

    I have to go out for 4 hours, don’t start without me 🙂

  3. Dawie says:

    You should have got a few ppl to run around in “Where’s Wally” outfits. Looking forward to it.

  4. jeffrey says:

    HI Dawie,

    Yes I know. I was regretting the lack of this while shooting 😉


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  6. jay_s1ngh says:

    Is this competition just available for certain countries?

  7. Martin says:

    Can I download the whole image somewhere? Would be easier with a keypoint detector… 🙂

  8. 013512 says:

    Did the treasurehunt start yet?

  9. jeffrey says:

    Hi jay_s1ngh,

    All countries are eligible except “axis of evil” countries (north korea, iran, cuba etc.) so if you’re from one of the axis of evil countries (i’m trying to have a sense of humor about this by the way) and if you win then you’ll have to get your friend in some other country to get you the prize. We are americans so we have certain restricts WRT this kind of stuff unfortunately.


  10. Reykard says:

    May i play from Italy? 😀

  11. jay_s1ngh says:

    Im from England, not a “axis of evil” lol

  12. Vytenis says:

    Hey, when the competition starts? i cannot wait

  13. Jan Vrsinsky says:

    The first out of the three treasure hunts has started today! (this blog post has just been updated with all necessary info). If you have questions, please ask here. Happy hunting! 🙂

  14. Nelly the penguin says:

    how do you prove you found something – think i may have freddy mercury?

  15. bob says:

    I can’t find them..help

  16. bob says:

    What is a Fat Boy Slim’s chair??

  17. bob says:

    A mechanical spider is a mechanical spider? or is it a synonym for something else?

  18. jeffrey says:

    Hi bob,

    it is a synonym. all the clues are a bit vague, and you’ll have to figure out what we’re actually talking about.

    we don’t want to be too vague or too tricky because that’s not a game, that’s just a wind-up. just to be clear 🙂

    good luck!


  19. bob says:

    Okay thanks

  20. sixoffive says:

    I need a hint for Fat Boy Slim’s Chair.
    There are a lot of possibilities

  21. jeffrey says:

    hi sixoffice.

    then you didn’t find it. 🙂

  22. Vince says:

    I found the ‘chair” & “Freddy” but I don’t think there are any spiders in London 🙂

  23. Jan Vrsinsky says:

    @Vince: Somebody found the spider – at least he claims so on our Facebook wall. http://www.facebook.com/360cities/posts/458758921298

  24. bob says:

    Next clues please, can’t find the others xD

  25. bob says:

    ZOMG just found my first clue ‘one leg purple, one leg green’ YEA

  26. ZOMG says:

    my simple opinion little jeff, the thing about axis of bla bla bla, refers to a politician that do bad things, that lives in those countries? or involves a simple man that loves information and wants to participate? why those simple man have to pay for something that they dont do… btw… if you think that way your forget to put in your list the U.S. of america…

    ps.: this was because i enter this place and think “mmm nice contest…(read few post, and then bang “axis of evil”…” how to let it pass that.

    A man from not a country of “axis of evil” but breaking those barriers.

  27. jeffrey says:

    hi zomg,

    as i said, i was making a joke. i have been to cuba for example and i love the people there, etc.

    legally speaking, zomg, if you do win, we are not allowed to send you a prize because we have to obey our laws. but you can have you friend from some other country act as proxy.

    good luck and have fun,

  28. ZOMG says:

    ey jeff thanks for the reply! leave me more confortable! the laws that we cannot break…

  29. jeffrey says:

    Ok, I’m glad you feel better. It’s hard to make jokes that translate well into other languages, so sometimes misunderstandings can occur.


  30. sam says:


  31. bob says:

    agree with sam

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  33. Robert Powell says:

    One of the clue states British Passport..
    Can you advise if it is an actual passport or maybe a school?

  34. shadoow13 says:

    I think I found the mechanical spider and if it’s that, it’s sooooooo obvious :))

  35. shadoow13 says:

    2 of the spiders are shown in the “Tour” if I’m not wrong 😀

  36. Jan Vrsinsky says:

    Just FYI, nobody has found all 10 correct answers yet. You still have a chance to win! 🙂 Most submissions are close enough if nobody sends all correct answers, we will choose a winner from them, but you still have a chance to win if you submit the correct answers! 🙂 The deadline is December 23rd, so there’s still plenty of time. On a side note, a new treasure hunt starts today in which you can win a 27″ Fujitsu LCD panel. http://blog.360cities.net/gigapixel-treasure-hunt-2-fujitsu/

  37. 360 Cities – Panoramic Photography Blog » Blog Archive » Gigapixel story competition – Explore, Play, and Win! says:

    […] Holiday Rentals! If you are interested in this competition, you might want to look into the first treasure hunt we are doing for the London Gigapixel in which you have a chance to win ten awesome Crumpler bags […]

  38. Jan Vrsinsky says:

    Hint: Spiders have many eyes and they have more than two legs!

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    […] Submissions For The First Gigapixel Treasure Hunt Needed! We still need more submissions to the first gigapixel treasure hunt! We received some answers but nobody has all answers correct. Some people have five or more clues […]

  40. 360 Cities – Panoramic Photography Blog » Blog Archive » Gigapixel Treasure Hunt 2 – Win a 27″ Fujitsu Monitor! says:

    […] Gigapixel story competition – Explore, Play, and Win! Gigapixel Treasure Hunt 1 – Win Ten Crumpler Bags! […]

  41. or8it says:

    Could we have another hint for the Mechanical Spider, still haven’t got it.

  42. denis says:

    laisse tomber j ai gagner

  43. Jan Vrsinsky says:

    or8it: Mechanical spider is on a corner of a building, it’s black and it has 8 legs. There is also another mechanical spider which is huge and orange and hangs out where people are. This one doesn’t have so many legs. Hope this helps! 🙂

  44. or8it says:

    Thanks Jan!

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    […] was posted by jeffrey on January 5, 2011 at 2:15 pm. Finally, we have picked ten winners of the first London Gigapixel Treasure Hunt. These skillful folks combed one of the largest 360º panoramas ever made, and found ten clues. For […]

  46. Jan Vrsinsky says:

    The blog post is now updated with the final list of winners! http://blog.360cities.net/the-answers-to-the-1st-london-gigapixel-treasure-hunt/

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