Occasionally, a piece of history presents itself in front of your eyes without you even knowing it. This is what happened with a panorama created by Roelof de Vries and recently uploaded to 360Cities. The panorama shows the great Dutch writer Harry Mulisch in his office.



Harry Mulisch was one of the “Great Three” writers of the Dutch postwar period. He was born in 1927 in the Netherlands. World War II featured prominently in his work. He and his Jewish mother were interned to a concentration camp during World War II but managed to escape thanks to his father’s help. When describing his World War II experiences, he used to say, “I don’t just remember it, I am World War II”.

He became an internationally well-known writer thanks to one of his books, “The Assault“(1982). This work tells the story of Anton, a teenager who lost his family and house during World War II. He tries to forget all the disasters of the war, but it is not easy. This novel has a film adaptation with the same name, produced and directed by Fons Rademakers. This film won the best foreign film and the Golden Globe and the Oscar awards in 1986.



This panorama was taken two years before the death of the author in 2010, at Harry Mulisch’s office. It’s really interesting to investigate the space, all his books and all the decorative objects, also a picture of Albert Einstein. Can you find it?

Roelof de Vries, the author of this panorama, says about this experience:

“For me this was a really special project. I had my company Little Planet for just one year and this was the first big assignment and for one of the biggest Dutch newspapers. Also the whole concept was quite innovative at that time. Meeting Harry Mulisch was amazing.”

The photograph belongs to a series of panoramas called “Writers at Work”, the photographer created this series in collaboration with NRC Handelsblad newspaper and over a year he made a series of panoramas about the greatest Dutch writers. “With a total of 20 panoramas this series tells the story about the writer and his office and the importance of the office for the work he/she creates. So, every two weeks, a journalist and I visited a new writer. The journalist held an interview with the writer about his office and I made the panorama”, says Roelof, from Little Planet.

We are looking forward to see more panoramas from this series, really interesting work. Also, we would like to thank, Roelof de Vries, for his cooperation in writing this post.

The 360Cities Team


  1. maria says:

    Witaj Z mojej strony tylko mogę dodziękowac za tak wspaniałe panoramy Nigdy bym w życiu nie widziała takich wspaniałosci Panoramy na 360st. to rewelacja Gratuluje

  2. Ria van Hest van Aert says:

    Geweldige Panorama, ook fijn om iets meer over deze bijzondere schrijver te weten te komen.
    bedankt hiervoor, groet Ria

  3. Hans ter Horst says:

    Amazing stuff, I read most of his books and noticed Mulish visiting my home town of Zutphen on several occasions, good to see the room where the magic happened and good to see so many trinkets on the shelves of things that featured in the books.