360° panorama by yunzen liu.
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Qintai culture & arts centre is spreading to No. 1 Han River Bridge in the east, to Yuehu Lake in the west, to Qintai Road in the west and Yuehu Avenue in the North, covering 2.15 km2 in total, building area of scenic spot is up to 500 thousand m2, it is the greatest culture park of Wuhan City, the area of which exceeds the total area of five Hongshan Plaza. Drawing near the Han River, resting the head on Yuehu Lake and backing on Meizi Mountain, here is crowned as “the most beautiful parlor of Wuhan”.The center is built surrounding Yuehu Lake. In the north bank of Yuehu Lake, there are Qintai Grand Theatre and Concert Hall which is under construction; in the south bank, it is the culture plaza including Fenghuang Plaza, Open-air theater for ten thousand people and Yueying Stage; in the east, sitting the verdant Zhiyin Island and figures; musical forest is in the southeast; lotus flower wetland is in the southwest, trestles are zigzagging spreading alongside the lake……http://go.wuhan.net.cn/zhuangti/travel%20magazine/6/7-1.html 360-degree panorama photography by yunzeng liu


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