360° panorama by Dominic Julian.
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Anyer Lighthouse is located on the side of Jalan Raya Anyer, Cikoneng Village, Anyer that only 3,1 km from Marbella Hotel, Convention & Spa Anyer. Anyer Lighthouse has a history that can be sold especially to foreign tourists. Anyer Lighthouse was established in 1885 During King William III, as written in the inscription above the entrance. The building is 75.5 meters high. Anyer Lighthouse consists of 18 Floors and has 300 steps. Increasingly over the lower Stairs. On each floor, there are two windows that allow us to view out the lighthouse. There are a beacon to the closing of half-closed cans that ball rotate 360 degrees. Range of light to 20 miles from the lighthouse tower and the signal to provide a guide the ships to go to sea at night.