360° panorama by Kengo Shimizu.
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This is the kitchen of a rich farmer family's house which was built in early 1800s.You can see ovens to the west and to the east. Japanese ovens don't have chimneys. The smoke comes out of ovens and fills the inside of the large roof and goes out of the roof through an opening at the top of the roof. The smoke protects the roof made of straw from insects and the tar contained in the smoke enhances waterproof property of the roof.In the era of Edo, farmers couldn't have their own weapons, they were not allowed to have gorgeous rooms in their houses even if they had enough money. However, the owner of this house was so rich that the domain government borrowed money from the farmer. As a token of gratitude for the farmer's service, the domain allowed him to have a right to bear arms and a right to have deluxe rooms. The gorgeous rooms was used to welcom the domain's lord to this house.