360° panorama by John Gore.
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This image of a Kalahari farm shows how tough life can be. Temperatures here are 38 to 40 degrees in the shade, but there is very little shade or vegitation in this area after a fire ravaged the area a few months ago.A few months before this image was captured, this area was hit by a massive bush fire which rushed over a number of these Kalahari farm lands.Here you can see how the vegitation is slowly starting to apear again. In the mean time, rains have created errosion because of there being very little vegitation to hold the soil.About 2/3 of the farm was not affected by the fires, but the wildlife on this private game reserve usually can be found in the fire damaged areas, becuase here the new shoots of vegitation are the most tasty.This Virtual Tour image created by John Gore, view more Virtual Tours of South Africa.

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  1. John Gore says:

    Thanks for featuring this pano on the 360cities.net blog!

    If you look carefully in the pano, at the ground, you will find bones and remains of an Impala antelope… How many pieces can you find?