One of the features of the PRO Membership is that PROs have the option to either keep the ad revenue or remove ads from their pages. Unfortunately, Google has blocked our domain for AdSense since the end of April. The AdSense policy team objected to the way we showed ads inside of the panos so they blocked our domain. We have been working with the Policy team to get the ads back – unfortunately for all concerned, they are slow. We are also testing other ad networks, albeit not on PRO member pages. We expect to be able to give PROs the option of showing ads or not showing ads again very soon.

As a token of our gratitude for your patience, we are extending all active PRO memberships by one month, free of charge of course. We are also adding one month to any new PRO membership signup for a limited time.

The 360Cities Team



One Comment

  1. daniel says:

    woow well that really sucks…
    is it coming back for sure or is there a possibility it won’t work?