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House of scientists - one of the most beautiful and famous places in Lviv. Earlier, former Noble Casino, the Count and popular, it is also known as casino Geghard.House of Scientists built by Viennese architects Hermann Helmer and Ferdinand Fellner, who in turn have designed and Chernivtsi Odessa Opera House. The architects were inspired by the Central European Baroque palace: the aspiration to the magnificent and majestic which intersects with reality and illusion.Perhaps you have seen in the Soviet film "The Three Musketeers" this elegant staircase, because it is for her running up to the room, Boyarsky Richelieu!Of course, the house was originally built for the casino. Some say that there appeared a descendant of Mozart. Now here are held dances in the autumn, supporting thus the tradition since the 15th century.In the House of scientists has gorgeous old library, access to which is currently closed.Full Virtual Tour: http://getpano.com/ru/projects/project/132/