Our thanks to Maestro photographer  for his collaboration on writing this blog post. You will be envious of his trip to Melanesia, but maybe it’s the closest you can get to it for the time being ;). Here you are some interesting facts about the Mount Yasur volcano:

  1. It’s is one of the most easily accessible live volcanos in the world. Anyone can walk right up it (361 meters; 1,184 feet) and peer down into its fiery belly.
  2. Huge explosions from the deep inside shake the ground frequently, so if you stand close to the volcano’s edge, it can be a scary experience. Be careful if you go there: three people have been killed over the years because they wandered down into lower, non-safe areas.
  3. Mount Yasur is called ‘‘the lighthouse of the Pacific.” Any guesses why?

Now, let’s enjoy Gregory’s trip without the risk of falling into the volcano:   I arrived at Evergreen Resort :

Tanna, Vanuatu : EverGreen Resort Garden

I went for a swim on the reef :

Tanna, Vanuatu : Evergreen Resort Reef at Low Tide

Then I had a rest in my room :

Tanna, Vanuatu : EverGreen Resort Garden

The day after…Tanna Island has very poor roads, so when they say 4wd they mean 4wd. A very bumpy couple of hours … This is a view from inside a typical banyan where locals can go have a shelter whenever there are cyclones.

Tanna, Vanuatu : Inside a banyan

After having visited this little cascade :

Vanuatu – Tanna Jungle

We continued our tour on our way to Mount Yasur . They call this place “The Belly of Mount Yasur”:

Tanna Island, Mont Yasur Volcano : On my way to the Volcano

This is down the other side of Mount Yasur :

Tanna Island, Mont Yasur : Down the Volcano

On the edge of the crater, first shot at 17h00: There is a bit of a climb up the side of the volcano and there are no real safety arrangements up there, so be careful. It was interesting in daylight, but amazing at night.

Tanna Island, Mont Yasur Volcano, 17h00

17h30 The sun is disappearing, it’s getting harder to shoot …

Tanna Island, Mont Yasur Volcano, 17h30

17h45 shot :

Tanna Island, Mont Yasur Volcano, 17h45

Last shot, at 18h00 :

Tanna Island, Mont Yasur Volcano, 18h00 – The Lighthouse Of The Pacific


  1. Vasilis Triantafyllou says:

    What a Great Walk!
    Thanks for taking us with you Greg 🙂

  2. Greg says:

    My pleasure Vasilis !