The Annotation feature allows you to annotate your panoramas in order to provide details about a particular area inside the panorama. Just choose the spot where you want to set the icon on your panorama. Then, write a short text about that spot (max 200 characters) and/or paste a link.

 Annotations Feature – Edit Mode

Annotations Feature – Panorama page



  1. LEVENT ŞEN says:

    Good idea, but it does not work very well…
    You can not change once you have typed, you can not later add a new one or you do not delete….

  2. Elena Martinez says:

    Hello Levent,

    Thanks a lot for reporting these issues! We are going to check them asap. I’ll be back to you soon.

    FYI: You can report, suggest or ask question via 360Cities Photographers Feedback and Help Desk Support: