360° panorama by Oliver Guest.
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During our stay at Halne for Easter, we dug a snow hole round the back of the cabin. We have all built plenty of holes before, but this was the biggest yet. We reckon that the hole will sleep 6 at a push. With Mark missing a sleeping bag and Heather enjoying posing for the photo, but enjoying more the warmth of the cabin, it came down to me to test it out. So the night before I took the photo I slept in the hole. With temperatures of -20 to -25 outside, this was going to be a really interesting test, and the first time I have slept in a snow hole. It worked out pretty well and I "slept" in the hole from around midnight to 7 in the morning. I didn’t have a thermometer unfortunately, so I don’t know how warm it got, but I'm guessing -5. The hole was really way too big for one, and I think the air hole in the roof was also too big for one. I could see that my breath was being quickly circulated away from me, indicating that there was too much ventilation. The result was that my face got rather cold. The other problem was that the floor was not level enough and I kept sliding towards the entrance. All in all however, it was a great experience and reassuring to know that this will save your life in a desperate situation.