We’re proud to announce the launch of our iPhone app.

Not surprisingly, we’re calling the app “360Cities”, the goal of the app being to enable a new and wider range of people to participate in our mission of creating a panoramic world.

 Clicking on the image will take you directly to the App Store:

We’ll be reviewing panoramas uploaded to 360Cities from our new app. Uploaded panoramas that meet our quality standards will surface when zooming in to lower levels on our World Map, giving users the opportunity of viewing the planet in greater panoramic detail. Let us know what you think – comments welcome!




  1. Florian says:

    Great stuff guys, congratulations! How about a “lite” version to try it out, or even a free launch offer?

  2. John Gore says:

    Downloaded, tested, and I love it! Well done guys, excellent app!

    Could you explain the “missions” part of the app. Is this just random nearby attractions?

  3. Bruce Pales says:

    Thanks, John and Florian, please write a nice review – it’ll be appreciated. We want to understand more before we start playing with price. Missions are indeed nearby attractions – we’ll be building out the game elements in future releases.

  4. Florian says:

    Dear Bruce, I completely understand. It’s your strategic decision. I haven’t downloaded the app, I was just judging by the screen shots.

  5. Alain says:

    Looking forward for the Android version 🙂

  6. Thomas says:

    Would be great to have the Android version on the Nexus 7

  7. Bruce Pales says:

    It certainly would! We want to get it there in 2013.