The planet Earth has proven to be too limiting for our awesome community of panorama photographers. We’re getting an increasing number of submissions that depict locations either not on Earth (like Mars, the Moon, and Outer Space in general) or do not realistically represent a geographic location on Earth (either because they have too many special effects or are computer generated) and hence don’t strictly qualify for our Panoramic World project.

But many of these panoramas are extremely beautiful or popular of both.

So, in order to accommodate our esteemed photographers and the huge audience that they attract to 360Cities with their panoramas, we’ve created a new section (we call it an “area”) called “Out of this World” for panoramas like these.

Here you have some examples of Out of this World panoramas:

Tribute to Escher. Panorama made by 


Mars Panorama – Curiosity rover: Martian solar day 177. Panorama made by 


Back in the Lab. Panorama made by 


You can check more panoramas like these in our “Out of this World” area or type this tag in the search box on the website: @tags out_of_this_world.

Any 360Cities member can upload an Out of this World panorama: Just upload a pano and click the “This pano is Out of this World” checkbox. Your panorama will be reviewed before being sent out of this world.



The 360Cities Team


  1. Boris says:

    Is there/ will there be an option to move old panoramas to “out of this world” category.
    For example I had situation that this collage panorama was published as joker.
    It shows real world but, it was combined from 6 different square panoramic images of skylights that are part of the same building but are located in different parts of it .

    From what i have seen it is a good candidate for this new category. Now the question is how to add it to “out of this world”.

    Should i upload it again or there will be check box on edit panorama page in the future

    Thanks in advance

    Best regards


  2. Andrew Bodrov says:

    For now there is no possibility to mark “out of this world” category if uploaded file over FTP.

  3. Elena Martinez says:

    Hi Andrew,

    We are working on tagging panos uploaded via FTP and email with the “Out of this world” tag. Soon it’ll be possible.


  4. Elena Martinez says:

    Hi Boris,

    Your panorama is now selected for 360Cities and it has been sent “out of this world”. Please, if you have any other “old” panorama, contact us (Forum, email…) and we’ll check it.


  5. Elena Martinez says:

    Hi Clemens,

    Your pano has been sent “Out of this world”. It’s a very funny pano 🙂

  6. Vardenis Pavardenis says:

    Hi, could you move my pano: to the out of this world too?


  7. Elena Martinez says:

    Hi Vardenis,

    I guess your panorama is from this world… Is it a real pano? Check out the “Out of this world” category info:

  8. Vardenis Pavardenis says:

    No no, sorry i didn’t mention it first time, it’s actually 3d render. It’s not photo.