360° panorama by François LAW-LAI.
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  • The annual PANOTOOLS MEETING has finally been announced, only days in advance of the actual event, but hey, better late than never: http://www.panotools-meeting.com/ It will be held August 24-26 in lovely Ljubljana Slovenia, and hosted by the great pioneer VR Photographer Bostjan Burger.


  • Zeljko Soletic complains that shooting panoramas from a pole is too complicated (I tend to agree, actually) but comes out with a nice result:

  • Tom Sharpless, the mad tinkerer, proposes his own pole solution, which is a surveyor’s pole:


360° panorama by Zoran Strajin.
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360° panorama by Martin Broomfield.
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From Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lethbridge_ViaductThis massive steel trestle over the Oldman River was designed by the Canadian Pacific Railway's bridge department in Montreal. The field work was directed by CPR's Assistant Chief Engineer John Edward Schwitzer. The steel work was manufactured by the Canadian Bridge Company of Walkerville, Ontario. A 100 man gang worked on the erection of the steel. Although there were some initial problems with settlement, the bridge has proved to be an enduring engineering work and is still in use today.
360° panorama by johnchoy ( 蔡旭威 ).
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The Chinese opera is one of the many event that happens during the Chinese Ghost festival period. This event was hosted at a park next to the Lower Ngau Tau Kok Estate (LNTK). However, it was the last Chinese ghost festival to the estate. LNTK Estate is scheduled to be demolished in sep 2009. For more photos about the LNTK, please visit http://ntk.johnchoy.com
360° panorama by Brandon Ore.
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Overview of Louis Armstrong Park in the Tremé neighborhood of New Orleans, Louisiana. Off in the distance one is able to see the downtown area, AKA, the Central Business District.
360° panorama by Danila Razin.
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On the inlake "Bygdin" ( 33 km. long, 1065 m. above the sea level) a boat named "Bitihorn" sails twice a day to Torfinnsbu and Eidsbugarden. In the winter months the road crossing Valdresflya is closed, and all transportation has to be done in track driven vehicles, which is an unforgettable experience in itself. 
360° panorama by Fritz Hanke.
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The Schwerin Palace or Schwerin Castle is a palatial schloss located in the city of Schwerin, the capital of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern state, Germany. It is situated on an island in the city's main lake, the Schweriner See.Since late 1990, it is once again a seat of government, as the seat of the Landtag (the state assembly of the State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern). Since then there have been massive preservation and renovation efforts. Most of these are finished by 2014.See also  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schwerin_Palace
360° panorama by Florian Knorn.
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View from the fabulous bridge at Český Krumlov Castle

Tom Sharpless continues his experiments using dual Sony NEX-5n to make stereo panoramic photos. Do you have a Gear VR? Check it out.

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Ariel Mikel presents his new site, Ciudad Esferica, with lots of beautiful 360 photos from Argentina:


Szymon Madej makes his first Milky Way Panorama:


Zeljko Soletic publishes more “Mcdonalds” panoramas (i.e. shot and processed very quickly) which always erupts into a big fight on Facebook, :-)


Florian Knorn publishes some panoramas he shot in Cesky Krumlov, at the tail end of the IVRPA Prague meeting. I had a great time with Florian, meeting him in person for the first time after communicating with him for many years online.


Ivan Pedretti publishes an amazing photo of the Aurora on 500px


Google Views, the Google platform for sharing 360 photos, is being folded into Google Maps. More on the Google Maps G+ page.