Hi guys! It was a tremendous week – at least for our community photographers, who uploaded some real gems to 360Cities. Let’s have a look at the most wonderful pieces we saw last week.


Chapada dos Veadeiros – Favorito Grass by Marcio Cabral (click the picture to open the pano)


Marcio Cabral is one of the top photographers in our community, and he proved it with this pano from Brazil. We absolutely love the way Marcio combined the Milky way on a starry sky, together with the colourful grass all around. Perfect job!


Atlantic Princess Wreck by Marcio Cabral (click the picture to open the pano)


Two panos in one weekly summary? That’s what we call a perfect week for Marcio Cabral. This time, he dove deep into the Carribean to find the wreck of the Atlantic Princess, a ship used mostly for touristic cruises – not anymore, obviously. Right now, it serves mostly as a great place for scuba divers. Or scuba panoramic photographers…?


Night view of Sunken Garden in Sunpu-jo Castle park by bibouroku tabito (click the picture to open the pano)


Time to move to Japan, thanks to this wonderful piece by Bibouroku Tabito. This is the Sunken garden of Sunpu castle in Shizuoka. As well as Marcio Cabral, the night served well for the purpose of taking this picture, so the colourful flowers all around can really stand out. Beautiful!


Pender Harbour, Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada by Jorgen Bjerke (click the picture to open the pano)


You can be sure you’ll find at least one aerial pano in our summary every week. This time it’s Joergen Bjerke’s panoramic picture of the Pender harbour in BC, Canada. What we like about this one, is that it’s REALLY high – and it gives you an image of how beautiful the nature over there really is. Time for a visit, maybe?


Pozzo di San Patrizio (St. Patrick well) by Marco Gioia  (click the picture to open the pano)


This one is simply awesome. Marco stood almost at the very bottom of this ancient well to give you an idea of how deep it really is – just open the pano and have a look around, especially above you. Another cool this is that it was built almost five centuries ago, and it still looks perfect. Just like Marco’s pano.


Want more?

Roberto verino spanish designer1 in MBFWMadrid 2015 by luis davilla (click the picture to open the pano)


Alsterfontane Hamburg by Flavio Di Mattia (click the picture to open the pano)


Snow covered Japanese ceder woods by kiyoharu takamura (click the picture to open the pano)


That’s it for this week! Make sure you check back next time and be sure you’ll find some more panoramic beauty again! See you!



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In addition to the Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition, viewers will be able to experience 360Cities’ panoramic imagery on the consumer version of the Oculus Rift, slated for release in Q1 2016.


360Cities has been the publishing platform of choice for serious VR photographers since it was founded in 2007. We’ve managed to amass a unique library of awesome high-res 360 spherical photos from virtually every country on the planet. Our growing community of expert VR enthusiasts welcomes the opportunity to have their work appear on the Oculus virtual reality platform.


Here we are with our weekly round-up of the coolest Editors’ picks our community photographers uploaded last week. Take your time and check these panos out, it’s worth it!


Kananaskis Village, Alberta, Canada by Four Sides Media (click the picture to open the pano)

This week we’re starting with two aerial panos. The first one, made by Four Sides Media, is from Canada – more specifically, Kananaskis Village. Just like it’s written in the description: Snowy peaks and evergreen forests, this is Canada. Nothing to add. Beautiful pano!


Glashuetten – 1 – aerial view by Christoph Hoffmann (click the picture to open the pano)

For the second aerial panoramic picture, we need to move all the way across continents to Europe. Christoph made this pano in Germany, in a little village of Glashuetten. We don’t see snowy peaks this time, but the forests are there, as well as a wonderful sunset. Brilliant!


Milan Cathedral “Duomo di Milano” – On the roof by Евгений Орлов (click the picture to open the pano)

Time for some architecture! The cathedral in Milan is one of the most significant historical monuments in Italy, so if you’re a pano photographer, making a picture there is a must! Here’s a tip for you – open the pano, check out the map (in the top right corner) and look how many panos you can see in the area!


Dead Vlei, Namibia 3 by Martin Broomfield (click the picture to open the pano)

See, when making a pano, you don’t need to rely on historical monuments, colourful sunsets or a stunning nature. A panoramic photo truly is a piece of art. Can you imagine this one, by Martin Broomfield, hanging on the wall of your living room?


S.Antioco island, Porto Sciusciau #3 by Paolo e Mauro Mattiello (click the picture to open the pano)

The weather’s getting a bit colder lately, so let’s have a look at a pano which will make you feel a bit warmer for a while. Paolo and Mauro made this one in Sardinia, it features cliffs with a crystal clear water, boats and – of course – a wonderful weather. Is there anyone who wouldn’t like to be there right now?


Check out other Editors’ picks that are pretty cool as well:

Bell turret in Rostov Veliky by Ivan Savin (click the picture to open the pano)

Courtyards at the Haus Schwarzenberg by Ludwig (click the picture to open the pano)

Pérouges Village Médiéval Rue des Rondes 2927 by kik  (click the picture to open the pano)


That’s it for this week! But be sure that we’ll be back next Monday with more! See you!


Matthew Rogers does unholy things with Canon and Nikon 

Matthew Rogers's photo.

Thierry Lechanteur in Liège, Belgium

September 13 at 11:34pm: My first test of directional sound with round.me
L’Abbaye Saint-Jacques. 1000 ans d’architecture, d’art et d’histoire. http://abbaye-saint-jacques.be/

Kay Bin Kow says,

Hello fellow friends, I made this virtual tour recently for my client, comprise of 30+ scenes.
Take our virtual tour from the comfort of your own armchair to get a sense of what it is like to study at IMU. If you like what you have seen, come and visit in person to experience the campus for yourself.

Jerome Boccon-Gibod says,

360 panoramas controlled by Leap Motion!
Jerome Boccon-Gibod's photo.

Zeljko Soletic says,

Yesterday at 11:54am: I was shooting this handheld, and I noticed that it might be better to shoot panos with panohead, as it is not possible to stitch in all stitching programs –
Evening at Valamar Lacroma Resort

Rui HerrPedro says,

16 hrs · Lisbon, Portugal: Instalation de feu. Fire art @ Lumina 2015 , Light Festival in Cascais, Portugal
Instalation de feu, Lumina 2015, moat of the Citadel, Cascais – Panoramalace.com

Luca Vascon asks,

kodak sp360 anyone? Is it good or crap?


Kodak licensee JK Imaging has introduced the PixPro SP360-4K camera, a variation of its PixPro SP360 Action Camera model that includes a 4K resolution option for still images and video. The camera comes with desktop software that… DPREVIEW.COM

Carlos Cartola says,

A small tour at Egypcian area at NY MetMuseum 2014 with my kids. http://panoramas.panoforum.com.br/20141121-MetMuseum-Tour_Egiptian_Art/

4 or 5 images at each pano. Minor post editing in all of them. Cam: Canon 5D mk III…

See More

Herman Desmet via Brusselsfromabove

Yesterday at 10:12am: Flying Willy from the outer gallery at the rooftop of the Palace of Justice. 16 photos stiched together with Autopano Giga, corrected in Photoshop, rendered with Panotour pro.
360 degree panoramas from the rooftop of the Palace of Justice in Brussels

Gumir Jamil reveals Canon’s new VR headset

Canon’s VR periscope lets you peek into other worlds in high-definition.

Gerald Donovan suggests making some rules about how we count the pixels

September 12 at 7:26am:I think it’s about time this community established some “rules” about how to count pixels when making claims for gigapixel images. I see from the latest Kolor email circular that there’s 100GP image of Hamburg recently gone live – http://hamburg-von-oben.de/ Now let me get this out of the way right up front. There’s no questioning that this is a really nice piece of work, so well done to the team behind this. It’s great to see such high quality in a gigapixel. See More
Entdecke die schönste Stadt der Welt aus ungewöhnlicher Perspektive – Hamburg anders erleben!

John P. F. Warkentin says,

September 14 at 8:09am: Testing out the Nodal Ninja Travel Pole on FF at 135mm using the tripod mounting kit. http://gigapan.com/gigapans/179011

1/320th and no vibration issues. See More

John P. F. Warkentin's photo.

Tom Poole says,

September 14 at 10:12pm: Just spotted this cool project
“Apollo: The Panoramas” Hardcover Book of stunning photos

Sam Rohn says,

September 6 at 2:14amNew Kodak Pixpro SP360-4K
JK Imaging has announced the latest version of its 360-degree-shooting Kodak action cameras, the Pixpro SP360-4K. As those last digits in the name suggest, the new model makes the jump to recording its spherical content in 4K.GIZMAG.COM

Alf Randell says,

Yesterday at 12:32am: Panoramic of Castle rock with the Priest and Nuns. Shot with sony nex 7 and 105 mm f2.8 smc takumar lens.
Alf Randell's photo.

Ali Zareiee brings out another helmet-mounted vr camera video

Shot with Nimbus VR YOUTUBE.COM

Gregg Katano via Unofficial Cardboard

September 14 at 2:45pm: Flickr wants you to explore photos in VR
Flickr is planning to implement a VR experience for its photos.

Boštjan Burger shared The World Wide Panorama‘s photo.

August 20 at 4:44pm: Just a notice that the September 30th is very close – “Peace”. Keith Martin wrote a nice essay about the upcoming event: http://worldwidepanorama.org/worldwidepano…/…/NextEvent.html
The World Wide Panorama's photo.

Hi guys! We’re back with the best panos of the week! With the second edition of our blog post, we bring you the top panos our community photographers uploaded last week.


‘Taba – Nuweiba Road Milkway Panorama’ by Mohamed Attef (click the picture to open the pano)


This week we’re starting by Mohamed Attef’s magnificent night pano – the Milky way looks unbelieveable from the Nuweiba road in Egypt. The pano itself is wonderful, though – just look at the colours of the night sky: Red, yellow, blue, green, pink, purple and many others. You don’t get to see that very often! Great job, Mohamed!


‘Spirocones’ by Marcio Cabral (click the picture to open the pano)


Marcio’s pano is as colourful as Mohamed’s one, even though it was taken on a place, which is usually dark and scary. This pano, however, is far from that. The place is called Sao Mateus, and it is one of the largest cave complexes in Brasil. Would you like to take a walk in the water, just like the guys on the picture?


‘Salzmünde – Tempel’ by Ballgott 360° (click the picture to open the pano)


This pano gives us chills! You can find this strange temple in Germany – in the middle of a forest, all covered with moss and leaves. Are those tombsones on the ground? What is this place? How scary would it be to be there at night?


‚Munich Rathaus‘ by Flavio Di Mattia (click the picture to open the pano)


We’re still in Germany, but we moved to one of its largest cities. If you ever get to visit Munich make sure you visit the Marienplatz and the Town hall, it’s worth it. If you’re not a hardcore fan of architecture, you might appreciate a number of beer gardens in the area:) In the meantime, check out Flavio’s pano to get the idea of what it looks like over there – and maybe choose your beer garden for your visit.


‚Sterne über Burg Liechtenstein‘ by Matthias Kunze (click the picture to open the pano)


Not really far from Munich is the place where Matthias took this pano – and this is wher it gets scary again (it will not be this creepy next time, we promise). The Liechtenstein castle looms majestically on the pano, even though – as Matthias points out in the description – it is not the original one, built in the 12th century. Even though – cool pano!


‘The Lobby of Lanyang Museum, Yilan’ by ZZ (click the picture to open the pano)


Usually you go to museums to see the exhibitions inside. But sometimes, the museum itself is a piece of art – such as this one. This is Lanyang Museum in Toucheng, Taiwan. It looks awesome from outside, but it gets even better when you step inside the lobby. Feeling dizzy?


Time to wrap up –that’s all for this week! Make sure you check our blog again next Monday for more panoramic beauty, made by the 360Cities photographers. See you soon!

New Ricoh Theta

Yes, there is a new one. It is almost great. It’s definitely better than 360fly and Kodak Pixpro, both of which are made completely obsolete by this little $349 camera. (But it is no comparison to Sphericam with its 4K 60FPS resolution 36o video 😉

• Image sensor size 1/2.3 (x2)
• Aperture F2.0
• Shutter speed Still image: 1/6400 to 1/8 second, Still image (manual): 1/6400 to 60 seconds, Video (L): 1/8000 to 1/30 second, Video (M): 1/8000 to 1/15 second, Live streaming (USB): 1/8000 to 1/15 second, Live streaming (HDMI): 1/8000 to 1/30 second
• Image sensor effective pixels Approx. 12MP, Output size: Approx. 14MP
• File size (still images) L: 5376×2688, M: 2048×1024
• File size (videos) L: 1920×1080/30fps/16Mbps, M: 1280×720/15fps/6Mbps
• Live streaming (USB) 1280×720/15fps
• Live streaming (HDMI) L: 1920×1080/30fps, M: 1280×720/30fps, S: 720×480/30fps, *Switch automatically to adjust to connected display
Communications protocol HTTP (Open Spherical Camera API*7 compatible)

Looking back at Sept 11 2001

World Trade Center 1

Mark Fink says, “I think what strikes me about this image is how time and events can transform even the most mundane images into icons enfused with so much history and emotion. At the time, I was just hoping I wouldn’t get yelled at for using a tripod!” and the aftermath:



Matt Kaye says,

Some of you may remember a few of Balloon Planets I posted a few weeks back, well here’s a shed load more in interactive form, I’ve added some Planet View buttons to add some fun and the balloons are pretty cool in Planet mode. Europes Largest Balloon Festival.. Enjoy!

Matt Kaye's photo.

Marcio Cabral
 shot this panorama:



Ali Zareiee, the 56 gopros on a helmet wearing guy, shot this:  http://littlstar.com/videos/1f9fb1fc





Matthew Rogers says: “Here’s the download link for the GearVR version. You will need the ORBX player to view it: http://www.360precision.com/…/lamborghini_sv30_yellow.png.z…

First final interactive 360º VR from Salon Privé, yellow Lamborghini SV30: http://www.360precision.com/sa…/lambo_sv_30_front/index.html


New Kodak Pixpro SP360-4K

But it’s obsolete already because of the new Ricoh Theta.

JK Imaging has announced the latest version of its 360-degree-shooting Kodak action cameras, the Pixpro SP360-4K. As those last digits in the name suggest, the new model makes the jump to recording its spherical content in 4K. GIZMAG.COM


And let’s never forget the original “Sphere cam” by Dan Slater


Vladimir Kushnarev‎ shot “Monochrome Tuscany”



Henry Alvarez says,

Let me introduce my brother’s band, he’s the one playing sax grin emoticon

Concierto callejero de la banda de Soul Smokey Blue en Ponferrada con motivo de la inauguración de la nueva decoración del bar Quinto Pino. ROTTODIGITAL.COM|BY ENRIQUE ALVAREZ

Jason Villmer is selling some poor old obsolete Ladybug cameras

FOR SALE IMMEDIATELY: High-Defintiion 360º Video Production Kit

PRICE: €9,000 (originally €18,000)
CONDITION: Like new. Works great.
LOCATION: Europe (Italia)

See More

High quality, industrial cameras – USB3 Vision, GigE Vision, FireWire, and USB 2.0

Our friend in Dubai Gerald Donovan starts us drooling on the 250MP sensor from Canon

So then. Canon’s new 250MP sensor then. I thought I’d run some numbers… 200mm lens on this thing, shoot a full sphere (less than 3000 images), and you’d have a 400 gigapixel image. See More
Canon today announced that it has created a monster of a CMOS sensor with the world’s highest pixel count (for its size). The DSLR-format sensor manages to PETAPIXEL.COM

Marco Corongi shoots Church of San Massimo

Marco Corongi's photo.

Hi dear friends, i wanted to share one of my latests aerial panoramas, hope you like it




Panorámica aérea de Toledo en una mañana de agosto cuando los primeros rayos de sol revelan volúmenes y texturas de una ciudad rodeada por el rio Tajo cuya historia se remonta a la edad de bronce. PANORAMICASAEREAS.ES|BY JAIME BROTONS CANO

Ivan Pedretti says,

The Three Peaks, Drei Zinnen, on the night of July at 2450m with the moonset, during a photographic weekend with landscaper friends.
Sony α7II, Samyang 14, 30″ 2.8 3200 ‪#‎SonyA7II‬ ‪#‎A7II‬ ‪#‎dolomiti‬

Panoramic of Tre Cime di Lavaredo (drei Zinnen) with milky way and Moonset.

Aaron Priest says,

This is Eagle Lodge & Camps in Lincoln, Maine on Folsom Pond, August 3, 2015, 6:26 PM. A group of kayakers is paddling away for some quick fishing before sunset while another group enjoys supper in the lodge.

Shot with a Nikon D810, Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8, Panoneed, Promote Control, and Really Right Stuff TVC-34L tripod w/ leveling base @ 14mm, f/11, ISO 64, and 1/5 to 1/50 shutter speeds; 2 rows of 7 columns plus 1 dedicated zenith shot, times 3 brackets of 1.7 EV stops, for a total of 45 photos. HDR blending to 16-bit DNGs was done with Lightroom, stitching of 16-bit TIFFs with PTGui Pro, and final blending with Photoshop. The finished panorama is 169 megapixels and measures 61” x 30”. Displayed with PanoTour Pro.


Eagle Lodge and Camps in Lincoln, Maine on Folsom Pond. AARONPRIESTPHOTO.COM

Per Bruus says,

I have these two Coastall 4,88mm, which I had planned to use to panovideo but have lost interest. They are 185 ° so there may be overlap enough to fit two opposite cameras. If anyone here is interested is welcome to send PM with a reasonable bid. New price was 5500 USD per. pieces. They are with T2 adapter and with the proper adapter it can be used on all DX camera. Shipping to EU only.

Per Bruus's photo.

Steve Perry says,

I had the privilege of being invited to create a 360˚ virtual tour of this year’s Diner en Blanc pop-up party on Aug. 27 at Pershing Square in LA. About 1,000 people attended this private party, where two requirements were to wear ALL WHITE, and bring your own food, table & chairs. CRAZY wild time!

Steve Perry's photo.

This “stuff” (http://www.burger.si/Jame/KriznaJama/2013/03_KriznaJama.html) is going to stereo and VR goggles ready … can’t wait the season to start…yeah! (now a ‘hunt’ for people to help me… suffer, pain, hunger, thirst… and no paid job … Avanti Popolo! )

Boštjan Burger's photo.


I love shooting panos of the sunrise over the city, especially when the fullmoon set on the same time. Last weekend a had the opportunity to rent the new Canon 5Ds and make some shots with it. Feel free to discover the result for yourself: http://andrestiebitz.de/demos/livinglevels/

Setup: Canon 5Ds | Sigma 50mm Art | Panoneed… See More

Jerome Boccon-Gibod says,

One of the most famous Rooftop Bar in NYC
De loin le rooftop bar le plus connu et le plus spectaculaire à New York ! Pour admirer Manhattan à la tombée de la nuit il faut soit prendre du recul, soit de la hauteur… Situé au vingtième étage d’un building, le 230 Fifth offre une des …

 New Google Streetview App!


Google’s mobile Street View app is getting a big update on iOS and Android today: you can now contribute your own 360-degree photos to Google Maps. It work. THENEXTWEB.COM|BY NAPIER LOPEZ

Photographers participating in our 360Cities Panoramic World have been publishing thousands of magnificent panos, and we understand it might get a bit difficult to find the ones you appreciate the most. We simply want to make sure you find them easily. To help you, we are now presenting  them to you in a single weekly blog post – Editors’ Picks of the week!

Let’s have a look at the Editors’ Picks from last week:


“Norway Preikestolen” by Flavio Di Mattio (click the picture to see the pano)


Everyone knows this place. But on all pictures, Preikestolen (or Pulpit rock, if you wish) is not as crowded as on Flavio Di Mattia’s pano.

On the other hand, we understand why all the people on the cliff wanted to visit the place themselves. The view of Norwegian fjords is absolutely stunning and if the weather’s nice, “a couple” of other tourists is not a problem, right? Just be careful and don’t slip!



“Grand Place Brussels” by Akos Hajdu (click the picture to see the pano)


Time to move from Norway to Belgium! Akos Hajdu made this lovely pano at the Grand Place square in Brussels. The city Town hall dominates the pano, as well as other majestic buldings nearby, including the Breadhouse (they don’t make a bread there anymore, it’s the city museum now).

Another thing on the pano caught my eye, though. Look at the people sitting on the ground. With the lovely surroundings there, this looks like a great place to chill in a warm summer evening, doesn’t it?



“Cold Pano For Hot Weather” by Bane Obradović (click the picture to see the pano)


If you live in Europe, we’re pretty sure those hot weeks are still in your memory. Bane Obradović uploaded this pano from Serbia to cool down you a little bit!

Nice cabin in the mountains, covered with snow, with a nice warm light in front of the main door, inviting you inside after your long day outside in the snow. Looks fantastic!



“Congreso de la Nación de la República Argentina” by Martin Velasco Bertolotto (click the picture to see the pano)


This is Martin Velasco Bertolotto’s picture from the Argentine National Congress.

It’s semi-circular shape is pretty cool for a pano – and we absolutely love the reflection on the table below the point of view. The place can get pretty busy on working days for sure, but the pano of an empty congress hall makes it look quiet and peacefull. Nice job, Martin!



“Elbe-Saale-Mündung” by Hendrik Henschel (click the picture to see the pano)


Hendrik Henschel made this wonderful aerial pano in a place where two German rivers – Elbe and Saale – meet. We love the atmosphere, nice and quiet, especially with the lovely sunset. And look at the tiny beaches on the right side of the Elbe!


As we said earlier – there’s much more uploaded to 360Cities every week. Be sure that we’ll be back with more panoramic beauty next Monday, so stay tuned! In the meantime, check out some other cool panos from last week:


“Festas do Povo de Campo Maior 2015 (3/4)” by Luis Filipe Azevedo (click the picture to see the pano)


“Latvian Academy of Sciences in Riga, Latvia” by Vil Muhametshin (click the picture to see the pano)


“Туманный лес” by Dmitriy Polukeev (click the picture to see the pano)


“Luxor & Karnak: King Seti I – Burial Chamber (Detail)” by Salma ElDardiry (click the picture to see the pano)


“ЦПКиО им. Маяковского” by Anton Fadeev (click the picture to see the pano)


See you next week!

New Ricoh Theta!

Ricoh has announced a new version of their Theta camera. The Theta is the best single-shot 360 camera currently on the market today (until Sphericam starts shipping of course). And the new version offers a couple great improvements: It has a “larger sensor” (I read that to mean that the sensor is the same size but it has higher resolution), giving higher resolution still panoramic photos and panoramic video at 1920×1080 resolution and 30FPS (which makes something like the Bubl camera obsolete). Some samples (photos that come included with the new app) were published on Facebook


Here is a sample photo in interactive format:

Outdoor beach scene theta S – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

It appears that Ricoh has not improved their frankly awful user experience on their website – the panorama is still taking up to 30 seconds to load which is really very silly.


World’s Largest Camera

Ok, not really VR 😉 but as a gigapixel photographer, this obviously made me drool. Some badass astronomers are building a telescope that will shoot 3.2 gigapixels per shot, allowing it to capture the whole night sky in unprecedented detail… every day!


Japanese Streetview for Cats 


I guess there is really nothing I can say about this.


Visit Ecuador 

Javier Hernandez published some VR panoramas from Ecuador


How to shoot 360 video?

Shai Schcolnik starts an interesting discussion over on the Panoramic Photographers on Facebook group.

Hi all,

I’m wondering about 360 video. I understand that if I use a static rig I can mount it and have the pole holding the rig disappear. but what if I want to move the camera? is there a way to shoot 360 video without seeing the person holding it?

The only option I can think of right now is to place the camera directly above the person and cover him with a logo or something. is there a more elegant way? without a nadit cap?



  • Thomas Sharpless 1) With the pole slanted or horizontal, integrate the camera person into the action. 2 ) Use a small RC robot instead of a person. 3) attach camera to a vehicle that is part of the action. 4) Hang the camera from a long crane and patch stock sky over it. Etc., etc.
  • Shai Schcolnik nice, almost invisible! I talked to a museum about shooting a walk-through an exhibition an one of the things they insisted is that no person should be seen.
  • Joergen Geerds in addition to what Thomas Sharpless mentioned, you can use the F360 Explorer for example as a cable cam (Ignacio Ferrando Margelí did show some of his amazing work at the IVRPA conference). In general, I find almost all head/helmet mounted “rigs” “not great’ simply because humans can’t keep their heads still, and they all suffer from gigantic parallax errors. Radiant Images build a promising rig solving a part of the problem by making it more stable. helmet mounts today are very experimental, and rarely produce usable footage, IMO. There were some exceptions where a helmet mount was really the only option (i.e. athletes doing things like skydiving, base jumping (where parallax doesn’t matter) or skiing). as a film maker, i really dislike helmet mounts because they are incredible dehumanizing, especially for scenes that could be shot differently, leaving often strange body artifacts that represent nothing a normal human can relate to.
  •  Joergen Geerds In general,https://www.facebook.com/groups/360.video.professionals/?ref=bookmarks is a more targeted group for such questions.  Ali Zareiee, the maniac who is building a helmet with a billion gopros stuck to it, published a new 360 video shot from it.



New Helmet 360 Video

Ali Zareiee, the maniac who is building a helmet with a billion gopros stuck to it, published a new 360 video shot from it.


Forte da Graça tour for Google Cardboard, with sound!

Nuno Madeira says: Forte da Graça is a abandoned historic fortress here in Portugal near city of Elvas. Some historians consider unique in its kind. Updated this simple tour with some details and available in VR heads. with sound.


We have now made it possible for you to easily access all of your panorama details. By downloading a .csv file, you will see an overview of all of the data of your panoramas. This will allow you to keep better track of your images, their status, and their metadata. At a glance you’ll be able to check if any of your panoramas is unpublished, if descriptions, titles or tags are missing. All you need to do is click on “Download .csv summary”.


Captura de pantalla 2015-09-01 a las 11.47.50.png


Captura de pantalla 2015-09-01 a las 12.05.33.png


Note this feature is only available for PRO and COMPANY users.

360° panorama by Christian Kleiman.
Click the image to open the interactive version.

Volvo Sailing Have a Go!!VIADUCT BASIN - Volvo Ocean Race - VO652015 Auckland Stopover - New Zealandwww.volvooceanrace.com360º Spherical Panorama created by © Christian Kleiman.Some days shooting photos with the Volvo Ocean Race Organization and Racing Teams.About the Photographer:www.christiankleiman.com  personal website.www.360virtualtour.info  for 360º Panoramic Photography.www.objetivoelevado.com for Aerial Photography.Personal projects:www.parisvirtualtour.comwww.benidormvirtualtour.comwww.newzealandvirtualtour.comSome more:www.aikidojapon.comwww.nauticorum.com