For years people have been asking us for paid accounts with extra features.

For months we’ve been thinking about it.

And for weeks working on it.

360 Cities PRO Account

Introducing 360 Cities PRO

The 360 Cities PRO account has everything that the free account has, plus some extra adorable add-ons. 360 Cities PRO accounts are designed for professional panorama photographers who want to use 360 Cities for business purposes. The key benefit is that they allow you to publish panoramas that clearly promote a business. This is very useful for promoting hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, etc. If you name the images properly then thanks to our search engine optimization don’t be surprised if the panoramas end up ranking better than your company website. 🙂

Our publishing system completely automates the process of putting panoramas online. All you have to do is upload stitched panoramas. Our system does everything else like creating many different image versions and sizes and locating it properly on the map based on a range of data you input using our content management system, a forms-based user interface that gives you the ability to add descriptive text and control a number of settings. .

Other benefit of a PRO account is that you can put your company name in your account name. Your account name is the name that appears visually on the site as your photographer’s credit so it’s a good way to promote your company via 360 Cities.

Sign up for a PRO account today. For more information, please check out our PRO Account FAQ.


  1. Richard Chesher says:

    This is the best deal possible for pro photographers and for I did the “do it yourself” tours for awhile and it was taking up more time than the photography. 360Cities allows me to concentrate on taking photographs and marketing and they take care of all the myriad technological hassles of getting quality high visibility tours published to a global market. You can’t beat this one.

  2. Jan Vrsinsky says:

    Thanks Richard. That’s exactly our goal. To take the burden of having to deal with hosting and configuring the website of your shoulders. With PRO accounts we’d like to do even more for professional photographers who wish to address the global audience and show their portfolio and offer an added value for their customers.