We are pleased to announce our new PRO embed feature that is specifically designed for use on commercial websites. PRO embedded panoramas don’t show thumbnails or arrows pointing towards any other panorama and they don’t contain advertisements.

It’s easy to share your PRO embed code with your customers. Just go to your published panoramas, click Edit in the panorama you want the PRO code for. Then go to the “Other” tab, and scroll down to find your PRO embed code.

Then, just copy the PRO embed code and send it to your client.

Note that now all embedded panoramas will be displayed properly in any iOs device, whether or not if they are embedded with a PRO or a FREE code.


The 360Cities Team


  1. Martin Broomfield says:

    Fantastic. Been waiting for this.

    Nice kitchen panorama. Where are the before the flood cakes?

  2. Lars Torngren says:

    Thanks for the addition of this feature. Will it be possible to build multiple panos into a tour too or is it only possible to make a single panorama with this feature? If it is possible to build a full tour, it is great!

  3. Martin Broomfield says:

    Hi, Just tried a test. Not sure if the problem is to do with the dreadful connection speed here. Take a look at the this link: http://www.mbroomfield.com/panoramaNEW.html I tested this on a iTouch as I don’t have my iPad here at the moment. There are two examples. The top image opens 360cities page, but I get a black screen. The second image is linked to a file with an embedded panorama. The page opens but not the panorama. Is it possible to embed a panorama in this way so it works on an iPad?

  4. Martin Broomfield says:

    Hi, I’ve tried this with a couple of files. The page loads, but the panorama is a black hole. http://www.mbroomfield.com/panoramaNEW.html

  5. Juan Luis Redajo says:

    I agree with Martin, the embed result is a black screen. It doesn`t work the new embed in html5

  6. Lars Torngren says:

    Yes, for some reason they have implemented the Flash version for the pano. If they would make it a HTML5 pano instead, it should work fine! Unfortunately, Flash is not supported by the i-devices and thus, you are getting the infamous black hole

  7. Martin Broomfield says:

    The pano on this page works well on my iTouch.

  8. Elena Martinez says:


    @Lars, I’m afraid that it’s not possible to create a tour at the moment, so sorry.

    @ Martin, thanks a lot for reporting this problem. We are going to check it.

  9. Elena Martinez says:


    @Marin Broomfield, the error you reported is fixed.

  10. Martin Broomfield says:

    Hi Elena,

    Just tested the new embed feature on an iTouch and iPad. The images are rotated either ninety degrees or upside down.


  11. Elena Martinez says:

    Hi Martin,

    We are working on this issue. Thanks a lot for reporting this bug 🙂

  12. Ebick Ngoma says:

    Merci pour cette information, mais je me demande si on pourra faire des visites guidées avec s’il y a pas de flèches indiquant d’autres panorama…?
    Merci pour ingéniosité

  13. John Sanchez says:

    just tested it in my Iphone, I can see the panorama in html5. However, as I can turn off the Panorama rotation sensor, because I think can disorient to my clients.

  14. Michel MALHERBE says:


    L’appli pour Androïd, c’est pour quand? (petit rappel, le monde Androïd est beaucoup plus important que le petit club privé des pauvres pommes !!!!!)

    Cordialement, un homme libre . . .

  15. Martin Broomfield says:

    Hi Elena,

    Have you managed to take a look and possibly fixed the upside down problem with the embedded feature?



  16. sarvan hayer says:

    PRO Embed feature are very nice.I really like it.

  17. Bryan Groulx says:

    Hello. Are there at least “plans” to make the *very important* google map-pop-out feature enabled in the pro-embeds? Paid members have waited years for the pro-embed to finally be available without the white arrows, but now the missing map-position widget is a large omission. Thank you.