360° panorama by Johan Offermans & Karl Overholt.
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One of the amazing experiences you can have in Iceland is to actually go inside of a volcano. During this excursion, you go 120 meters down into a magna chamber of a volcano that erupted 4,000 years ago. Being in the magna chamber itself is breathtaking and the trip to the volcano is equaly a great experience. To go down into the volcano, you first walk about 3km/2 miles across lava fields, an experience in its own right. You then descent into the volcano in an open lift with only 6 spaces similar to the ones used by window cleaners. The trip 120m down to the bottom of the volcano takes about 7-8 minutes.This panorama was taken inside of the volcano and shows the beautiful colours inside the magna chamber and the size of the chamber. You can also see the hole where the lift comes down. If you look closely, you will also be able to see some water coming down, which is there permanently. Inside the cave, it is completely dry, though.Also check out this other panorama inside the volcano, this panorama taken at the entrance of the volcano and this panorama taken on the walk to the volcano.