We have launched two new features in our search function:

Newest First

The first one (and very important) is that the newest panoramas are now displayed first. That way, the search results are less static and you always see what’s new when searching for something. Your newest uploads will also get more attention this way!

Advanced Search

Our Advanced Search now allows you to do these new exciting things:

  • Search for a keyword or phrase (to search for a phrase, put your words in quotes)
  • Search for a specific tag (use @tags)
  • Search for panos made by an author (use @author or @name)
  • Any combination of above

You can find the complete guide to advanced search on the search page itself.

One really useful example of how to use advanced search: imagine you want to share a collection of panos with somebody using one link. Now you can! Just tag the panoramas in a certain way and then send a link to the search page.

For example, to send a link to all panoramas tagged underwater made by Richard Chesher, just use this link:


which is created by searching for “@tags underwater @author chesher

Happy searching!