The term selfie became popular when the first social networks were launched almost ten years ago. The word describes self-taken photographs. Nowadays, selfies are trending thanks to celebrities, politicians, and artists who share their selfies with the rest of the world.

 Of course, our photographers have created their own selfies…or panofies.

So, here you have some great panofies:


Self Portrait, Caribbean. Panorama created by 

Me, Myself and I (360 Self Portrait), Dubai. Panorama created by Roderz Itzme.

Camping in Grimbergen, Grimbergen, Belgium. Panorama created by – Roelof de Vries 

Olbersdorfer See. Panorama created by Mike Weidner –

Vía ferrata en Villena, Alicante. Panorama created by Jaime Brotons

Self Portrait, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Panorama created by 

Yalung glasier selfy))), Nepal. Panorama created by

Elevator to heaven, Switzerland. Panorama created by  

Gotcha, Timisoara – Banat, Romania. Panorama created by Valentin Arfire.

Mars Panorama – Curiosity rover: Martian night. Panorama created by Andrew Bodrov



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