360° panorama by yunzen liu.
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Famen Temple is situated at Famen Town, ten kilometers north of Fufeng County, Shaanxi Province, China. It is a famous Buddhist temple with a long history, and became a Holy Land of Buddhism because the finger bone relic of Sakyamuni was placed in it. Famen Temple was established in the Eastern Han Dynasty (25--220), for carrying forward Buddhism. The most representative structures in the temple are the Famen Temple Pagoda and Famen Temple Museum. Nowadays, Famen Temple Tourism, which is the most famous Buddhist temple, plays a sovereign role in Chinese Buddhism, and appeals to tourists from all over the world. The panorama was taken in Newly build Fountain Square in Buddha Avenue.http://www.chinaculture.org/gb/en_aboutchina/2003-09/24/content_25384.htmhttp://cityguide.china.org.cn/shop/shop.php?shopid=289360-degree panorama photography by yunzeng liu