360° panorama by Juergen Stellmacher.
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An anechoic chamber in the EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) testing is an RF shielded room which is either partially (semi-anechoic) or fully lined with RF absorber material. The EMC absorber chamber differs from the conventional acoustic anechoic chamber, characterized that the absorber on its walls are able to absorb electromagnetic waves - not only sound waves. The absorbers convert the electromagnetic field energy into heat energy. The metallic walls shield the interior of the chamber from the outside world and are used in EMC testing of electromagnetic shielding and interference. Advantage of an anechoic chamber compared to an open area test site is its closed environment in which high field strength measurements as well as electromagnetic field emissions measurements on a very low level are possible. Anechoic chambers are used by industry to perform radiated emissions and radiated immunity testing of electrical and electronic equipment to various international standards.Panorama made and published with kind permission of TUV Rheinland (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. / EMC Laboratory.