There will be a solar eclipse in about six hours. There will be a broadcast of the eclipse live on the Internet starting at 20:30 UT – you can see it on

It would be wonderful to get some solar eclipse panoramas!!

Meanwhile, we can enjoy these two panos. If you know of more eclipse panoramas, please share them with us!


Captured on 2011/01/04, in time of 09:33:28.00 h. CET, Horne Prsany, Slovakia. Panorama made by Cibula Vincent



Annular Eclipse May 21, 2012 in Saitama. Panorama made by Taro Tsubomura



Elena, Community Manager


  1. Taro Tsubomura says:

    Wow! I found that my panorama was reported here. Thank you!!
    If readers are interested in the phenomenon, please compare the brightness of the two panoramas;
    1) the panorama just during eclipse, [1/250, f/8, ISO400]
    2) 20 minutes before the full eclipse, [1/250, f/8, ISO160]
    You can see 1) is more dark than 2), in spite of taking it with high ISO value.