Our statistics module for showing the number of views of your panoramas has not been working for the past several days due to our recent server update. Today we are happy to announce that everything is back to normal and that the views from Facebook, Google Earth and embedded panos are being counted again. We won’t be able to recover views data for the time during which the statistics module was down. However, we have the data from before the sever update securely stored, and we will import them back in to your account soon. To view statistics for your 360 Cities account, click here.


  1. Arthur Lee says:

    It seems like stats stopped working since August 24th on me.

  2. Jan Vrsinsky says:

    Hi Arthur…. do you mean started working? 🙂 Yes, that’s the date when we turned it on, actually, but since it was only a partial day, we announced it a day later.