Almost everybody knows about the 360Cities Map. (If you haven’t seen our map yet, click here)

Lots of people go to the map when they dream about their next holidays, about Caribbean weather,
about water sports, about exotic food… We know that 360Cities Map viewers take their time, they have
a drink and relax flying through the world.

We want to make your “virtual traveling” experience nicer and easier than before.

We’ve modified the infowindow that is shown when mousing over the thumbnails on the map:

– If you find a panorama that you love, you can easily find more from the same area by
clicking on “Zoom in”.

– You can see the photographer’s name below the thumbnail.

– When you click in any panorama’s thumbnail, you’ll be able to see it in a new tab.
That means that the 360Cities Map will be waiting for you in another tab and you won’t get lost.


Watch the clock though – one can easily get hung up – we’ve heard accounts of people
spending up to six hours surfing the 360Cities map ;).


The 360Cities Team