360° panorama by R Ballard.
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Tucked away along one of the many alleyway-streets of Neuchâtel you can find Le Cabinet d'Amateur (curio cabinet), a new and used book shop, just down the stairs from the château, on the left. The structure itself dates back to the 1700's where it was a wine cellar. Much of the writing on the arch ceiling is difficult to discern, the earliest of which was done by candle burning the soot into the ceiling. But still clear are some of the dates, 1758 being the most recognizable. It is unclear how the arch shaped beam was used, but it's shape and historic inscriptions make the shop that much more appealing a place to visit. The shop is run by Odile Jobin Mettler & Marc Mettler and you can visit their website at www.cabinetamateur.ch.