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In 360 Cities ( we are looking for rails developers to add to our team, either full time or by hour/freelancing. You will be working with an existing application with a very small team. You will primarily be adding new features, but also rewriting/debugging parts of the existing codebase when necessary.

We need you to have experience with Ruby on Rails working in medium-high traffic sites, as well as good knowledge of javascript; especially of the jQuery library. We’ll need you to be a fast learner, have a down to earth attitude, and to be able to hit the ground running.

Our working language is English, so you should be comfortable using it.

We are based in Prague, Czech Republic, and we’d prefer that you are in Prague, but remote work is OK too.

If this sounds interesting, please contact me:

Take the following list:

Brazil, UK, Spain, New Zealand, Republic of South Africa, Germany, United States, and the Netherlands

If asked what these places have in common, it wouldn’t take long to start thinking soccer (football for those who are unaware that a football isn’t always round).

But if we were to extend the list to include:

Iran, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, China, Bulgaria, New Caledonia, and the Faroe Islands

and if we were to add the hint “relates to 360 Cities”…what would be the answer?

Care to guess?

Our partner goes to some of the most interesting and untouched places on the planet and so do we.  Both John Gore and Jan Vrsinsky have visited and immortalized the Sani Pass, look at the panos

Sani Top Chalet in South Africa

Benita Wentzel has done an interesting piece on the tarring of the pass on whl’s excellent travel blog.  It’s definitely worth the read.

After a long time of measuring, designing and research, we launched a new version of image pages today. This is a very important change for us, since image pages are the pages that show all panoramas on our site, and are responsible for about 60%-80% of traffic on our site (the exact number changes depending on various campaigns that are currently running).

Here’s what has changed:

1. More clean and light design
2. Panorama now takes the full width of the screen
3. Easier ways for sharing to social media sites (icons in top-right corner) and email (form at the bottom of the page)
4. Like/unlike button
5. A very small overview map at top and a larger area map below panorama
6. Nicer list of nearby panoramas

We are very excited about this change, the pages look much better now! What do YOU think?

Click on the image to view the example image page. The actual layout might be slightly different because we are always running various layout tests on these pages.