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We are looking for awesome gigapixel panoramas to add to our gigapixel gallery on our site We’ll be promoting this content, so you’ll get more views and potentially earn royalties if your gigapixel image is licensed by one of our corporate clients.

To be included in our gigapixel gallery, your gigapixel must meet the following criteria:

  1. 360 degrees – either cylindrical or spherical
  2. Minimum resolution 3 gigapixels
  3. Image is available for commercial licensing

If you’re interested, please go to, then choose “I want to have my gigapixel panorama included on” and provide us a link to your gigapixel image for our review. If your image is accepted, we’ll provide you with further details and instructions on how to upload.

The 360Cities Team




We thought we already knew how Mars looks up close thanks to Andrew Brodov’s stunning panoramas. But, Andrew has surpassed even himself with this Mars Gigapixel.

Andrew Bodrov is a member of the International Virtual Reality Photography Association (IVRPA) and he has been professionally engaged in panoramic photography for over 12 years. Also he loves stitching NASA photographs for making panoramas that are out of this world.


Mars Gigapixel Panorama – Curiosity rover: Martian solar days 136-149 panorama made by 


Some information about the Mars Rovers and about the Gigapixel

The Curiosity Rover has 17 cameras. This panorama has been made with 407 images that were taken from the left and right mastcams. The bulk of the Gigapixel has been stitched with the pictures from the 100mm lens and gaps were filled with the pictures from the 34mm lens. It’s because of this you’ll find some parts that have lower resolution.

Although the Mars Gigapixel has 4 billon pixels, the cameras only have 2 Megapixel, which is almost nothing if you compare them with a pocket camera or even with a phone. But don’t forget that NASA has to send these cameras to Mars and that means that they have to survive radiations and other hazards. They are the bravest cameras that NASA scientists have found 😉


Picture from

Jiri Kepka, the winner of the 360 Cities Gigapixel Treasure Hunt, has received the well deserved $1000 from us.

After announcing the winner two weeks ago, we’ve exchanged a couple of emails with Jiri. About a week ago we asked him to send us a new photo of himself and to share some of his thoughts about the competition. Last weekend we received both, so here they are. He seems to be enjoying himself, judge yourself 🙂

Jiri Kepka, the winner of the Gigapixel treasure hunt

Jiri Kepka, the winner of the Gigapixel Treasure Hunt

Here’s the letter from Jiri to 360 Cities:

I should thank to one of my friends who told me about this competition. At first when i saw the picture I was like whoa! How can anybody find anything here, it’s so big! But then I found the first thing and couldn’t stop until i got all of the first days clues. I spent like 5 or 6 hours in total, trying to find all 30 clues. I guess the most difficult were #21 – fish food and #22 – hippy Czech flag. I’ve traded one or two answers i couldn’t find for those i allready had and once I’ve even involved my girlfriend and her friend in finding the fish food. I would like to thank all the 360 Cities group for making this competition and wish best of luck to them!

We also received a lot of feedback, ideas and suggestions for the next treasure hunt. Most of them are public in the comments in this blog and we’ll publish the rest as new blog posts (if the authors allow us to).

Yes, there’s going to be a next treasure hunt. Now let us get back to work on it 🙂