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We’re pleased to announce that we recently began offering our Immersive Tours via graphic design studio lucidCircus, who is active on both the U.S. and European markets – press release.  We’re excited about the opportunity to have our Immersive Tours included in some of lucidCircus’s creative web projects.

lucidCircus and 360 Cities combine efforts

lucidCircus and 360 Cities combine efforts

If you are interested in partnering with 360 Cities, please read this and contact us.

Check out the recently completed immersive tour of the Noumea Hotels group in New Caledonia:   Noumea Hotels Tour

Screen shot 2009-11-26 at 5.49.42 PM

Richard Chesher has done a remarkable job creating and selling this tour of five GLP resorts in New Caledonia.   Actually, it’s five tours in one.  Check out the over 40 panoramas and navigate your way around the hotels either by clicking on the arrows or on the floor plan of each hotel.  Nice job, Richard!

If you are looking for inspiration in an immersive tour, look no further:

InterContinental Tahiti

InterContinental Moorea

InterContinental Bora Bora Thalasso

InterContinental Bora Bora Le Moana

These four magnificent tours were created by Gregory Panayoutou for InterContinental Resorts in French Polynesia.  Testimonial from appreciative client:

“Gregory Panayotou’s creativity and talent combined with the remarkable 360 cities immersive tools have allowed our four InterContinental Resorts in French Polynesia to really enhance our worldwide communication. We are extremely pleased to have our resorts displayed in the default layer of Google earth thanks to 360 cities immersive tour platform. All in all it is a great proposition that I highly recommend to any hotel wishing to communicate efficiently and in a fashionable way.”

Pierre Lesage

Regional Director of Sales & Marketing

Thanks to Greg for making this happen.