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The 360Cities Android app is waiting for you to download it. Just go to the Google Play store and download it for free.

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The 360Cities panorama viewing app for Android has a motion-sensitive panorama viewer that allows you to move around in the interactive panoramas just by moving your Android device. The app supports VR viewing on Google Cardboard.




And there are more features you will find useful too:

– View the featured, most popular, most recent and nearest panoramas to your current location.

Comment on panoramas and read what others said about them.

– Save all your favorite panoramas in your account, so you can easily find your desired pano later on (ideal if you plan to travel somewhere).

– Find panoramas anywhere in the 360Cities World Map: take a virtual tour of pretty places and travel from city to city with ease.

– Use the search functionality for finding those panoramas you are looking for.


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 Thanks to  Ackee who did a great job developing the app for us.

It’s wonderful to see how different countries celebrate Easter. Share yours with us and we will update this post until we cover all the different Easter rituals.

Easter eggs

Did you know eggs are are a traditional symbol of fertility?

Easter Egg – Ukraine


Pysanka (Easter egg) museum – Ukraine


World’s biggest easter egg – Rumania


Easter eggs in front of Zagreb cathedral – Croatia


Blessing of meat

This tradition is very important in central and eastern European countries. People go to church with baskets full of meat, eggs and bread. All the food is blessed by the priest before it is eaten later.

Blessing of the Meat – Stadtkirche – Austria


Sawdust carpet

This is the biggest festival of the year in Antigua, Guatemala. As the author of the panorama says: “Families and communities work together for hours and hours to make sawdust carpets.” When the procession walks over the carpet it is destroyed.

Holy Week in Antigua, Guatemala: Admiring a Sawdust Carpet at La Merced



There are different kinds of processions depending on the holy day and on the purpose. It is a traditional Catholic expression of Jesus Christ’s passion on the streets.

Preparations for the Good Friday procession, Elche 2013 – Spain


Prayer in the Orchard, Elche Easter 2012 – Spain


Meeting, Elche Easter 2012 – Spain


Procession along Dubrovnik streets on Good Friday 2013 – Croatia


Waiting for a Procession during Holy Week in Antigua – Guatemala


Easter Sunday Procession With The Risen Christ Birgu 2009 – Malta


Easter Bunnies

It said that the rabbit is a pre-Christian symbol of fertility and that it symbolizes the beginning of spring.

Hot Bunnies – Switzerland


Easter fountain

This German tradition consists of decorating fountains with Easter eggs. It’s a pity, but the decoration only remains for two weeks after Easter.

Riedlhuette Easter Fountain – Germany


Schechingen Easter, Bavaria – Germany


Easter fire

Typically from Northwestern Europe, this celebration is a lit of a bonfire during Easter. It can be a secular or a religious ritual.

Eastercelebration in Dalen – Netherlands


Easter Performances

One of the Calder Valley’s (England) most popular folk attractions is the annual Pace Egg Play. Its origins are now lost in the mists of time, but it continues delight generation after generation with a delightfully haphazard mix of performance, audience interaction and comedy. In many towns the tradition has died out, but it’s still performed in the upper valley at Hepstonstall, Midgely and Mytholmroyd…

Performing the Pace Egg play at Heptonstall, Good Friday 2014 – England


We are proud to announce that the 360Cities app is has just been launched for Windows 8 phones.

Just go to the Windows Phone Store and search for 360Cities, and download the app for free. After the installation, you will be able to spend hours seeing the most amazing 360Cities panoramas.


Do you have a swivel chair? It might be a good idea to get one. Why? The 360Cities app has a motion-sensitive panorama viewer that allows you to move around in the interactive panoramas just by moving your Windows 8 phone.

And there are more features you will find useful too:

– View the best, most popular, most recent and nearest panoramas to your current location.

Comment on panoramas and read what others have to say about them.

Save all your favorite panoramas in your account, so you can easily find your desired pano later on (ideal if you plan to travel somewhere).

Search for panoramas anywhere in the 360Cities World Map: take a virtual tour of pretty places and travel from city to city with ease.



In addition, 360Cities panoramas are also part of the Windows 8 Travel app and some of the best images from 360Cities are featured on homepage from time to time. We’re proud that 360Cities content lives in the Windows ecosystem and can be viewed by users of the new version of our app,  Windows,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Windows 8 team and the 360Cities photographer community for continuing to build an awesome panoramic world.

The 360Cities Team

We are pleased to announce our new Sets feature. Organize your panoramas in Sets and share them with your family, friends and customers. You can create as many Sets as you want: your holiday trip, business panos or neighbor’s birthday…

It is really easy to categorize your panos and create your own gallery. Go to your dashboard and click on “View and Edit sets”, then create a new Set, write a name and description and select the panoramas you want to add.


Publish your Set and share it via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pin it.


This feature is very intuitive, but if you need more information check the 360Cities Help Center  or contact us.

Sets are only available for Plus, Pro and Company accounts. Upgrade to a paid account to enjoy this and other useful features.

The 360Cities Team

This is the title of the song you hear when you check out Kate Russell’s latest Webscape on BBC’s “Click”.

But the planet spins, and the world goes ’round-

But the world goes ’round

But the world goes ’round

This program is BBC’s flagship for technology. The Click team describes it as “the best debate on global technology, social media and the Internet” or “your guide to all the latest gadgets, websites, games and computer industry news”.

This is the third time 360Cities has appeared in this program. Webscape host, Kate Russell (@katerussell), says about the 360Cities app:



“This amazing app. turn your mobile device into a 360 degree window into the world using the gyroscope to let you around for some of the most stunning landscapes on the planet.”
“It is not free but just a couple of dollars seems pretty good value for such a good image tool”. 


.                                                                                                                     .

Thanks to the Click review, the 360Cities app made it to #1 in the UK iTunes store. Now, even more people are traveling with the 360Cities app around the World.

We’d like to thank to all of the 360Cities photographers who are building a Panoramic World by creating such amazing panoramas.

We want the World to go ’round!

The 360Cities Team

Back in the times of the Roman Empire, people where paid in salt – this is the origin of the word “salary”. If someone calls you “salt of the earth” or “being worth your salt”, it’s always a compliment. Some important facts about salt:


– Salt was used as a vital food preservative.

– Salt is required for blood, sweat, digestive juices and efficient nerve transmission.

– Since the 20th century, salt producers have been adding iodine to table salt. This has protected pregnant mothers and children from iodine deficiency diseases, the world’s leading cause of mental retardation.

– The highest usage of salt is for keeping highway winter time safety.

– Salt is a natural food ingredient with no calories.

Information from the Salt Institute.


There are beautiful underground salt mines around the world. Here, we are going to focus on salinas, salt deserts and salt lakes which compose amazing landscapes.


Salar de Uyuni

With more than 10,000 square kilometers this is the world’s largest salt flat. The salar is located in southwest Bolivia. The salt crust can be over 10 meters thick in the center and when it rains, the salar becomes a wonderful mirror.

 When Heaven and Earth Merge – Alone on the Giant Mirror of Uyuni. Panorama made by 

Boneville salt flats

Over 46 square kilometers of salt flats located in Utah, USA. The total salt crust has been estimated at 147 million tons. The Boneville salt flats are made of 90% table salt. The Boneville salt flats are used as a race track each summer where professional and amateur teams from different countries compete for land speed records.

Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, USA. Panorama made by 

Great Salt Desert or Dasht-e Kavir

Located in the middle of the Iranian plateau, it covers more than 77,000 square kilometers. This desert recorded the year’s highest surface temperature reaching 70ºC in 2004 and 2005.

Dasht-e Kavir, Iran. Panorama made by 

Salinas Grandes de Jujuy

The dramatic difference in altitudes, ranging from 1,000 meters to 5,000 meter peaks, combined with the stark differences in climate and temperature, helped to produce the Salinas Grandes desert.

Salinas Grandes of Jujuy, Argentina. Panorama made by 

Gairdner Lake

It is the fourth largest salt lake in Australia. Every March, when the lake is dry, the Dry Lake Racers event is held. The lake is over 60 km long and 40 km wide and the salt crust is over 1.2 meters in some places. Although in summer it can be extremely hot, during the spring time it is an attraction for bird-watchers and botanists.

Lake Gairdner surface, Australia. Panorama made by 




Riese is the German word for giant. Well, this project is giant. This unfinished complex was built by the Nazis during World War II. This underground shelters and tunnels work took place in the Owl Mountains (south-west of Poland). Its purpose is not clear, but it is said that this construction was going to be turned into a huge underground shelter covering more than 35 square kilometers for top Nazi leaders. The project was constructed by concentration camp prisoners.

According to the Project Riese Organization, there are seven systems of shelters under the Owl Mountains all of them have a similar design.

1.- Dorfbach/Rzeczka
2.- Oberdorf/Jugowice
3.- Wolfsberg/Wlodarz
4.- Ramenberg/Soboul
5.- Falkenberg/Sokolec
6.- Säuferhöhen/Osowka
7.- Castle Fürstensein/Zamek Skiaz

Nowadays, three of these complexes are open for tourists: Wolfsberg, Walim (Rzeczka and Wlodarz) and Säuferhöhen. These two panoramas below created by MoUzEs- Maciej J. Lorek and belong to the Rzeczka complex in Walim:

Underground in Walim. Project Riese. Poland


In the bunker, Walim. Riese project. Poland


The Complex Rzeczka is located between the towns of Rzeczka and Walim, under the Ostra Mountain. The plan, you can see it below, is similar to the letter “E” and it has two levels. There are three parallel tunnels and a system conecting them.


The panorma called “Underground in Walim” was shot at the “Guardroom” number 4 in the plan. We can not see in the map the place of the “In the bunker” panorama, but it is under the Guardroom, in the second underground level.

You can just feel the history when looking at these panoramas. Take you time to explore them and if you want to know more about the Riese Project visit the Project Riese Organization, the Project Riese Article in Wikipedia and its Museum web page.



Thanks to MoUzEs- Maciej J. Lorek for his collaboration.


The 360Cities Team

The spring is over…at least in the northern hemisphere it is.

Spring is a beautiful season, gorgeous light, flowers bloom, birds begin to sing….it’s a special time indeed.

Don’t be shy and share your beautiful spring panoramas (blog at

Does your soul sing while your are thinking about your spring days? Enjoy The Black Crowes video, their souls sing.


The blooming 360Cities Team

The 360 Cities mobile app can be purchased at a 50% discount this weekend – Friday through Sunday (May 31 – June 2).

If you still don’t have it, don’t miss this opportunity to purchase it.

We are pleased that the homepage today  (13 May 2013) features yet another beautiful 360Cities panorama. This one is a lovely cave panorama made by 360Cities photographer  in Brazil. Congratulations to  again


Anhumas Abyss, Bonito, Brazil. Panorama made by Marcio Cabral


We are still wondering how the photographer could get in to this cave with all the necessary photography equipment. Read the  description to guess how.

This is the second time that a 360Cities picture made by Marcio Cabral has been featured on the homepage. Needless to say, Marcio is one of the 360Cities Maestros.

The 360Cities Team