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These are three of almost a hundred business panoramas uploaded to 360 Cities in last two weeks by PRO account holders.

Restaurant of Hotel fazenda Eco Resort Recanto Alvorada

Restaurant of Hotel fazenda Eco Resort Recanto Alvorada in Brotas SP

Noumea Dentist New Caledonia

Noumea Dentist New Caledonia in Noumea

Oyster restaurant

Oyster restaurant In tibau do sul near pipa and natal in Brazil

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Thank you everybody for participating in the Restaurant Tour Promotion. During October and November 2009, the users of our Immersive Tour Builder were able to create one restaurant tour and embed it in the restaurant’s website for free. We’ve had many interesting submissions, some of which will be added to our Virtual Tour Gallery page soon.

From the feedback we’ve been getting,  it’s clear that most of you are interested in seeing examples of virtual tours embedded in restaurants’ websites. We cannot show all of them for various reasons (we don’t have the links, the tours are not embedded yet, we were asked not to write about it, etc.) However, we did the least we could do and we’ve selected three nice looking tours and linked them below. If we didn’t include your tour and you want us to write about it leave a comment below the article.

Now that the promotion is over, you can of course continue using our Immersive Tour Builder to create any number of virtual tours you want! You can create a tour for free and show it to your client using the tour preview page. You only have to pay the activation fee when you want to embed the tour into your client’s website. Take a look at our tutorial on how to build your first virtual tour using 360 Cities.

Below are three examples of restaurant websites that received a free embedded tour during our promotion:

The Old Stone Bar and Grill, Ireland (by Gearóid Casey)

The Old Stone Bar and Grill

click on the picture to open the website

Excalibur, Hannover (by Igor Marx)

Excalibur, Hannover

click on the picture to open the website

Note that the Excalibur restaurant tour contains more than 5 panoramas, which was more than it was allowed in the tour promotion. That was possible due to the fact that the client paid for the additional panoramas in the tour.

Restaurante Fondue Mezzanino (by Luciano Correa)

Restaurante Fondue Mezzanino

click on the picture to open the website

Do you want us to write a blog post about your tour? Leave a note in the comments! If there’s enough requests, we’ll post another article soon with your websites and tours.