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When you (a panorama photographer) upload panoramas to 360 Cities, we allow you to claim 55% of the ad revenue that we get by displaying ads on your image pages and your profile page. (Update July 28th, 2010: We’ve stopped offering this feature. If you are currently using the feature, though, it will continue working for you.) If you have a low number of images, this might not be much – a couple of bucks a month – but depending on the number of views your images receive, it could be quite a bit more. That’s a nice income without any effort on your side. This probably explains why some people upload images to 360 Cities like crazy. They must have heard about passive income! 🙂

The fact that we share more than than half of our ad revenue with our member photographers is our way to show our appreciation to you for publishing panos on 360 Cities. We also hope this encourages you to promote 360 Cities by sharing links to your images and uploading more interesting panoramas which tend to get a lot of exposure.

How does this work?

We actually don’t split revenue with you. Instead, we use your AdSense publisher Id for displaying 55% of ads on your images and profile page. That way your earnings appear directly in your AdSense account, including all statistics and reports that AdSense allows you to view. The ad revenue sharing works on “image pages” (e.g. pages like this: and your own profile page (e.g.

Beware of the Cache

It’s actually a little more complicated than that: because of a caching mechanism we have on our pages due to the high amount of traffic, the AdSense publisher ID is cached on each image page for 7 days. After a week, a new ID is generated for that image, with a 55% probability for it to be your ID, and 45% our ID. After many iterations have passed, the ratio between your IDs and our IDs will be 55/45. Also if you have uploaded many images to 360 Cities, about 55% of them will have your ID, and about 45% will have our ID, at any given time. The thing to keep in mind is that the algorithm is fair and in the long term, it will give you 55% of ad revenue. In short term there could be a delay before you start to see any revenue from your images, especially if you have only a few of them.

If you choose to participate, you will need to set up your 360 Cities and your Google AdSense™ account properly and to agree with the terms.

Setting up your Google AdSense account

1. First you need to go to your AdSense account at Create an account if you don’t have it yet. I don’t remember the workflow of creating an account but hopefully it’s not that difficult.

2. Make note of your AdSense publisher ID. You’re gonna need it later. You can find your publisher ID in the upper right corner of your account screen. Your publisher ID should look something like this: pub-2179968931649098 (make sure you use your own number, not the number shown here! :))

3. Go to AdSense setup and choose AdSense setup and then Channels and then Add New Custom Channels

4. As the name of the channel, enter “360cities” and click on Add Channel

5. Now you need to write down your new channel id (marked by a red circle in the screenshot below). This number and the publisher id from step 2 are the two things you will need to remember for setting up your 360 Cities account.

Setting up your 360 Cities account

Now we simply need to enter the data from your AdSense account to your settings at 360 Cities. You will need your AdSense publisher ID (see #2 above) and your custom channel ID (see #5 above).

6. Log in to your 360 Cities account via

7. Go to your account settings

8. Go to AdSense settings

9. Fill in your AdSense publisher ID and your 360cities channel ID (see steps 2 and 5).

10. Almost done. Before we can continue please read this very serious warning: Do not click on any Adsense ads appearing on 360 Cities. If you, as a member of 360 Cities, click on Adsense ads, it’s very easily detectable so not only you won’t get any money but it is also a violation of the Adsense publisher terms and conditions and can result in all your google accounts and 360 Cities account being banned from Adsense. This would prevent all members as well as 360 Cities from possibly earning Adsense revenue. Once again, if you participate in this program, DON’T CLICK ON GOOGLE ADS ON 360 CITIES!!!

11. Save your settings, sit back, and relax. Done! From now on we are working for you, contributing money to your retirement plan! 🙂 Just don’t forget it could take up to 7 days for your ID to actually appear on our pages due to the caching mentioned above.

Please let me know using comments below the article if I forgot to explain something or if something is not clear. This guide is for YOU so I’ll tweak it to suit YOUR needs. Happy earning!